Bullet for my valentine – Temper Temper


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Being a fan of Bullet for my valentine since the release of Poison, it’s hard to find problems with them. Temper Temper is no exception. Instrumentally it is brilliant, with riffs that send you back to their origin, it’s easy to miss the lyrics when you become emerged into it. Lyrically, it is good (not perfect, but good!). When mixed with certain backing tracks it makes me think of other songs by completely different artists! Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects came to mind throughout Bullets song of the same name! As a Matt Tuck fan boy, I won’t denounce his vocal skills but there is a change which is quite evident when compared to Poison. It may come down to the bands movement into mainstream radio culture with a huge new audience to please. However I have to ask, What the hell is with the whispering?…


Excited with the release of the song Riot, I was eager to get my hands on a copy. With an esque of Waking the demon, it is certainly one of the best on the album and was a great choice for the single release. However not all the songs match up and some leave a lot of questions that don’t feel complete.


All in all, I think the album totals up to 7/10.


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