Assassins Creed 4! Cover revealed!

Due for release on 29th October 2013, the unbelievable release of another assassins creed is hard to digest. Being quite sure that AC3 would be the final one, I was distraught to have completed it so rapidly.

Anyway, all I can tell from the cover is that we will be meeting some of the legends of the pirate era like Black beard. I will have this on pre-order, no doubt about that one as I buy into the craze. So you can expect news about it as I hear it and the a review on it when I inevitably complete it within a few days when I really should be doing coursework.

The only problem with it is that we cannot be sure when they are truly going to end this. The money is to great for them to just drop it and with the killing of Desmond at the end of the last one makes it even harder to understand where they can go on!

It is up for pre-order on amazon and most other sources. Like I said, keep your eyes out for any news or tune in here where I will try and keep you updated on such news.


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  1. Hey great article! This new AC game looks very interesting. I’ve wrote my views on it here have a look!

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