NEW Bioshock Infinite Trailer!!!!

Here we go guys, one of the top games for this year…which should have been last year!, but lets hope that the delays for fixes and new ideas all work out!

Here we work our way out of the sunken city of rapture and move well up into the sky to fling between lines, blow some heads open, scream with terror, giggle at the extreme violence and absorb every drop of the story that we have got used to from the previous games. On it’s release day, I would have had this bad boy on pre-order for a year!, to the day!

I can tell you now, I will be smashing this game so god damn hard on release day. I just hope my day at work flies by rapidly so I can become the gaming hermit I was born to be.

Lets hope it lives up to it’s hype!

Expect a review a few days after I have completed it. I will not be writing a first thoughts piece, mainly as I will be glued to my TV screen!


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