Gears of War Judgment REVIEW -SPOILERS-

Gears of War Judgment

Well hello everyone!, Sorry I haven’t been able to do much apart from the odd trailer. Essays ain’t fun!

Gears of War Judgment3Anyway, as you can already see, this review is about Gears of War Judgement (4).  On hearing about a sequel to Gears of War 3, I couldn’t understand what they would be able to do when the Locust swarms were defeated and human society began rebuilding. However, we start a few weeks after the great war that the COG’s fought in the Pendulum War’s against other nations and in the aftermath of Emergence Day. Here we follow a younger Lieutenant, Damon Baird and his team ‘Kilo Squad’. To set the scene, Kilo squad are dragged into a large complex while being labelled as war criminals, each character the reports to the leader of the Onyx core (Elite soldiers) in a tribunal hearing while Locusts fight the defences outside. As each character explains what happened, we play through their experience leading up to the ‘crime’ that they committed.

An interesting introduction and plot that managed to keep me involved. Yet that isn’t hard when the main campaign took me approximately 6-7 hours of playing – Yes, I’m tired after playing till 2am but it just didn’t feel long enough. For a game that costs up to £40 with an even higher RRP, you would expect to get a lot for your money. They even dropped in an extra campaign which is called Aftermath, this only took 1-2 hours. In this we follow Baird and Cole in Gears of war 3 as they go find a ship and some reinforcement for the final assault. This should have been a DLC pack or part of the story for the game it is involved in. It leaves me to think that this game was simply an opportunity of get some extra cash out of fans like myself.

Very little has changed in the world of COG’s. Visuals are astonishing, with vast landscapes that need to be on a nice big 1080p screen! With new games, I will always look at their fire effects. This is my indication on whether a game is well made and well funded or vis versa. Gears had this effect which is brilliantly demonstrated with the first few minutes of game play, with a tree engulfed in flames filling the sky with a black fog. All the standard controls are back, no change there. They are still a little fiddly to start and can be a slight annoyance when Gears of War Judgmentyou want to turn around sharply to smack a dude upside the head with your Lancer-chainsaw combo. Cover based shooting is always good but annoying when you try to switch between cover. I have also never understood how they are still alive when they hulk over any of the cover, but you know, it’s only a game.

I’ve yet to test the online game play for this but seeing I have some time before the release of Bioshock, I should be able to give it a little poke. I know the standard games are back with all new maps. From my previous experience, online games can be really fun and do require a lot of team work between players to win matches like Horde, where you are bum-rushed by tons of the slimy gits.

Overall, the game is great fun. I’m a big fan of Gears and a big fan of excessive violence in games. As much as this is an unnecessary follow up to a game which ended quite clearly, the story was gripping and helped to describe a deeper look into Baird’s background before he meet Dom even when it appears to be a way to get some extra cash, but we all know big corporations wouldn’t go doing that now…Wink wink, nudge nudge…

 For this game, I will give it 7.5/10

(Because I can, That’s why!)

Gears of War Judgment2


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