Bioshock Infinite3

Here it is guys!, the long awaited sequel in the Bioshock series. As I have already stated, I have had this game on pre-order for exactly a year on it’s release day and it was so worth the wait!

We enter the game on a small rowing boat with two cloaked people chatting away while a storm rages on around you. One of them hands you a small box with a pistol inside on the approach to a lighthouse, it’s easy to see the similarities to the previous games within the first few minutes.Bioshock Infinite5

Once we arrive at Columbia, we are greeted with some stunning set pieces, reminiscent of Rapture and in perfect Bioshock style. The game is a visual masterpiece that truly takes your breath away on your first site of the floating city. The 1912 era of graphic design and advertising was a time of vibrant colours and simple typography which is reflected brilliant in and out of the game. If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably see the cover mixed in with the collection of photos of my dogs. If you were vigilant enough, you would notice that you can swap the cover around to reveal a stunning new piece which depicts the Songbird (Big Daddy of Columbia) towering over the floating city. As you can already guess, I liked the visuals and the character design was exactly the same with the fresh face of Elizabeth to the rock hard faces of the police that you will inevitably burn to a crunchy crisp. From visuals to sounds, you notice the crackles of the vinyl over the phonograph and the buzz of the classic microphones of the time. The flick of a coin is so simple yet so satisfying to hear. The selection of music is much like the previous with some Creedence thrown into the mix. The tension builders moved from “How much is that doggie in the window?” too new pieces created for the game.

Compared to previous entries, Infinite has an increased focus on character development that really grips you and allows you to develop a connection to both Booker and Elizabeth. Booker is a man with a past full of darkness and incredible fighting capabilities that gives him the typical badass protector persona throughout the game. Juxtaposed against Elizabeth, who spent her life locked away reading and has become quite unaware of life outside of her walls, therefore becoming quite innocent. The story starts off quite gradual and simple yet a couple hours in, the twists start to kick in in true fashion with an ending that catches everyone out and leaves you reconnecting your jaw back to your skull… Elizabeth’s powers become vividly apparent but can also really help in combat scenes. Unlike most female accomplices in games, I actually like Elizabeth. She doesn’t get in the way, she doesn’t get attacked (All combat comes your way) and doesn’t bitch on…Looking at you Resident Evil 4.

Bioshock Infinite4Combat is fluid and with Elizabeth’s abilities, it helps to ease the onslaught of enemies when you are dry on ammo. She even finds money, health and salts for you throughout to aid in combat. A few little glitches allowed me to take out some of the baddies far easier. One being a collection of them getting stuck in a door only to be blown into pieces with my flaming shotgun. Weapons range from the original to the wacky, much like the characters you go into battle with. Fighting a robotic version of Washington with a Gatling gun is a terrifying experience and can come as a shock when they appear in groups. It is a shame that certain enemies didn’t appear much throughout the game, only appearing once of twice, but this may change in the upcoming DLC.

With a game length of approximately 12 hours, it can be easy to smash out a day but it’s a game that draws you back into the story to see if you can better yourself or if those decisions you made will effect the outcome of the game. HINT – It does in 1999 mode (Unlocked once you complete it on normal). It may be my Xbox but there was some laggy moments which slowed down the game for me but didn’t affect combat. Surprisingly they have also removed the multi player mode which I actually quite enjoyed in Bioshock 2 and could have had potential.

Overall I loved the game, I’m a hardcore fan and would love a sequel (if possible of course). With its astonishing visuals, sounds, fluid combat and story, I give this game 10/10!

Bioshock Infinite


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