Oblivion Movie Review! -TINY SPOILERS-

Opening earlier today, I rushed to to local Vue cinema to watch this badass film on their Xtreme screen!Oblivion 1 There are small spoilers in this review.

In the opening of Oblivion, we are given snap shots of a memory from Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), skipping throughout the huge landscapes pan shots. The CGI never looked out of place and looked exceptionally real when you are moving at pace. Robots and other set pieces look brilliant and lifelike even when they are manipulated by CGI for certain scenes. Then you have the set locations, these contrast between new and old, from a library to a lavish, modern house of the top of a huge tower.

To the action! Well, at the start of the film, there is very little action and that continues most of the way through. Oblivion feels more of a Sci-fi thriller but for a 12A audience which restricts the amount of violence we could have seen if it was for an older audience, but it does have many twists and turns that catch you off guard and force you to piece the puzzle together on your way home.

The director; Joseph Kosinski, who also directed Tron Legacy, shows his stunning camera techniques and framing ability. Alongside the rest of his talent, directing a combat scene with no dialogue (or screaming) between the characters, just the whirling of gears, the pumping of machine guns and thrusters with music that fills you tension. In one of the beginning scenes we are located in a demolished American football stadium, a shot looks up at Harper with his arms raised in celebration as a crooked goal post fills the background to draw your attention onto Jack. I would like to say that the Oblivionwriter of this did a brilliant job, with the plot twists, the character development of Harper and much more, but what the hell is with the sex scene in that freaky ass pool!? One, it was super weird. Two, you won’t see me jumping into a pool hundred of feet in the air supported by a couple of beams in a world which was destroyed by nuclear fallout (It’s not a spoiler, it says it right at the start of the film).

The official soundtrack was created by M83, who sounds remarkably like Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack. Whoever he is, M83 does brilliantly to create drama, raise tensions and get you pumped throughout action scenes. Sounds are crisp and truly reflect the area they are in and all the sounds are crisp and clear, especially in the huge ass screen with the big ass speakers!

Finally, the acting. It was alright. Not exceptional that you felt for all the characters. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman’s acting was the best out of the small cast with Olga Kurylenko felt a little flat and occasionally a bit dramatic. Andrea Riseborough was a character simply crazy and was much the same as Olga in certain scenes. All of the extra cast members were alright but they lacked a script and blended into the background when they could have had a much deeper connection to the outcome.

Overall, this Sci-fi – thriller is a good watch with some brilliant filming, good acting and epic music making this film worth a watch.

My rating for this shall be 7.5/10

Oblivion 2


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