Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Uprising DLC! REVIEW

Call of Duty

As you can tell, this is about the new DLC for Call of Duty!

Within this DLC pack we have 4 new maps, a new zombie mode with some new guns to blow stuff up!

To avoid me tearing my hair out when playing online, I created a private match and just went through to critic the maps on my likes and dislikes.


First map on this list is…..ENCORE

The map is alright, it’s supposed to represent an actual concert but seems way to small for such an event… The map doesn’t really stick out and grip you to your seat but I can bet it will get your blood pumping when you have a round of free for all with your friends alongside some sub machine guns. But first, make sure your friends aren’t campers, otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time! The description for the map talks about sight lines, yet they are incredibly small and really ruin the whole sniper aspect of the weapons system. However, COD players tend to enjoy quick-scoping rather than the simple and realistic methods…

The next map is MAGMA

Right, so we are now in Asia, a big volcano has gone off and there is lava everywhere. There are no invisible walls to stop you from exiting the map, just hot magma that kills you instantly when you step on the cooling sections…FurtherCall of Duty4 around the map I start to watch the lava roll down the hill and I know it’s hard to make it look like the lava is flowing but it just doesn’t look right in the parts that require detailing to get right. Some of the fire effects are poor and a lot of stuff is simply copied and pasted from other maps. This map is nothing spectacular but the lava is a nice touch to keep you on your toes but more campy spots found!


Vertigo is eerily reminiscent of Highrise for MW2. With medium length stretches and small rooms, combat is well varied, however a lack of sniper high points make the map look fairly level or flat. The map was dragged straight from the game making you wonder why it wasn’t part of the online on release day, but we know that game companies, most notably the cod franchise; like to get their hands on more money. It also seems that they run out of map ideas and just threw this one in there as they already had it all set up.

Finally STUDIO

This map is my personal favourite from the maps. The original map (Range) was also good fun in the original Black Ops but why they couldn’t have made these free when they are from previous games, it really makes me wonder. On spawning into the map, I noticed barrels, explosive barrels which can quite easily spawn kill you if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The T-rex and other mechanical robot things move and make robotic motion noises, but lack a roar or a screech (in the case of the Alien thing) when you walk past it, which could be created with a simple trip switch. The varied sections liven each area up and make it obviously identifiable when calling for help in certain areas. “HELP ME!, I’M STUCK IN THE ALIEN WORLD” will certainly make life easier when you are a tad stuck. Once again though, COD didn’t have the decency to make a new map, just take the remains of a map which became campers map shortly after it’s original release.


Call of Duty2Upon opening the zombie world you are given 2 areas to select from, Cell Block [Grief] or Sunset Strip [mob of the dead]. Mob of the dead is the first zombies map to actually let you escape from the island, but you need a lot of skill, patience and team work. But as always, my partner and I were dropped in with some retards that would ditch you at the smallest sign of trouble, making this game very difficult with anything less than 4 players. Once you select the Mob of the dead you become a ghost and you go to revive yourself to start the game off. It’s a cool little feature but you cannot choose which character you want to be. The ghost aspect of the game opens tunnels that give you extras, power and parts for the escape plan, but in the heat of battle you can revive yourself in certain circumstances while teleporting zombies away.  I only played one game, so I’m yet to experience new weapons and the true extent of the game but a lot of detail was put into this with little pep talks to yourself if you are truly close to death, which is actually quite deep and meaningful. Plus it’s one of my favourite eras, so the accents and the gangster mannerisms of the characters are pretty damn funky.Call of Duty1

Overall, the DLC is good, maps are lacking and are simply to grab a bit more money out of everyone’s already tight pockets. If you want them, I recommend getting the season pass. It is cheaper in the long run and you get a couple of extras along the way.

Maps – 6/10

Mob of the dead – 8/10  (May change once I get a really solid go at it!)

Time to try and sleep. Here come the zombie nightmares! xD


Call of Duty3



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