Fall Out Boy – Save Rock n’ Roll – QUICKY REVIEW

FOB 1Sorry for the late review!, I only just got my paws on it!

It’s safe to say that this album truly is a refreshing reboot for Fall out Boy. Opening with the two singles you are left a little open to what is going to punch you on song #3 which packs one.

Sugar, we are going down is far, far away. This breaks new ground, into the pop/charts scene which some fans may really dislike. With the hiatus, the thought of an album was unlikely, but the drastic changes couldn’t have ever been predicted.

Mr Stump’s voice is far clearer and sharper than previous records and the lyrics are very good. His ability to appear that his voice leads the music really helps you to capture the lyrics and the extent of Patrick’s vocal range, yet this can become over used when you notice the amount of crescendos that fill the majority of the songs. With a varied use of synthesisers and other musicians, the album is very strong with songs that stand on their own and don’t fade away and a very positive feeling running throughout.

However, including Big Sean was a bit of a downer. He brought nothing to the song and doesn’t blend in. Then you have Courtney Love. I don’t like this women and it doesn’t really help me listen to the song, yet the song has her influence within and is quite rockish in it’s genre, but Courtney’s lines (Rapping, singing, whatever it is.) are pretty poor. The 3rd noticeable featuring artist is Elton John. This is no surprise seeing he’s performed with Eminem. Save Rock n’ Roll takes Elton’s classic love song and lumped it with Fall Out Boy’s anthem capability and it’s a magnificent tune. Elton’s bass tones are exceptionally strong and great for that drive home…on your own with the tunes on full blast!

Musically the synth’s made it sound like a show tune at the start and didn’t fit with the songs it was used it. With an album length of 42 minutes (Yeah, I know right!) it certainly seems a stab in the back when they come back after 3 years. You would have expected something FOBthat was at least an hour long, with all the time to think about music, it doesn’t truly reflect on the size and price of the album.

So, what do I rate this album? I feel that the album warrants 7.5/10. It’s positive feeling to the album, keeps my head bopping and is very good as keeping me calm. Also, including Courtney Love and Big Sean were huge downers for me that didn’t really push the songs to their full potential.

P.S – Save a bit of money and download it!


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