#WillPower Quicky Review

Welcome back to Black Ribbon Reviews, sorry I haven’t had much, if any new content up but I have exams coming up and there is also little out at the moment!

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As one of the biggest artists in our generation, you would suspect that Will.I.Am’s albums should relate to his success. However, this album really doesn’t fit.

The album is 1 hour 12 mins long with 18 tracks, so there is plenty for you money, yet it does feel as if that’s all he really wanted. For instance, the song with Justin Beiber being a Single is actually not very good in comparison to another song on the album. While some of the songs seems to lack a punch.

The album is very bassy and has a nice variation of genres and backing tracks but lyrically, it is really lacking. Geekin’ and Ghetto Ghetto songs are the perfect examples. It truly is weak, not Lil Wayne’s new album bad but bad. Yet some albums are good with lyrics, for instance , Smile Mona Lisa is a very good song. Smile Mona Lisa has an Italian flair to it which sticks out prominently against the typically bass drops and dance music. Then you have Bang Bang straight after which feels like 40’s swing music and is a great end to the album. The generic club tracks are alright. The bass drops are a particular favourite of mine. They are executed well and are grimy in comparison to the clean cut synth sounds.

The variation throughout does make the whole album bearable but it’s a very brain-dead, you don’t really focus on the music until you are at the last 2 songs which are outrageously different. I feel that the album wouldn’t appeal to those that have quite a substantial music taste and who pay attention to their music. So I shall be given this album a 6/10.


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