After Earth Quicky Review! -SPOILERS-

After EarthHey guys! Sorry for the huge wait since the last post. The lack of movies and games over the past weeks has been pretty poor and this isn’t going to be much better for a few weeks!

After Earth is the tale of a father and sons struggle to survive upon crashing on earth which is now a quarantined planet. A race of creatures that are tuned to sensing fear were created by an alien force that is trying to eradicate humans. Will’s character has the ability called “Ghosting” which allows them to remove fear and  become undetectable by the creatures. This ability is taught to the highest of their soldiers who work to fend these things off.

Every time I saw the trailers, I lost faith in it each time and it lived up to the low opinions I had developed for it. The story lacked so much and really detracted from the overall rating for me. It felt too predictable, generic and had backlogs of questionable scenes. First of all, we didn’t get an in depth explanation of what was happening to Earth and who the alien race are. We also wonder what happened to guns? You can warp travel, move across space to a new planet and you go around with a stick that changes into different tools and blades. I think a flesh creature is better killed with good old fashion bullets. As a sci-fi movie, it does lack a few sci-fi moments and won’t stand a chance up against Oblivion as one of the best science fiction movies this year.



Acting wise, it was very poor. The father and son combination did nothing to aid this as there was never a moment which required that. Jaden as an actor has never been good, he never feels believable and is a huge annoyance throughout the film for his antics and his lack of viable emotion. As a personal fan of Will Smith, I had real trouble getting over his performance. I understand he wasn’t supposed to fear anything and become a killing machine but he had very little involvement and was putting on a rock hard face for the whole film. Contrasting him in this to the incredible performance in Seven Pounds is a real kick in the teeth for him.

My last few qualms are about the filming and set pieces. Areas that were filmed on a green screen are blatant and causes everyone to stick out like a sore thumb and it is much the same with the set pieces. Yet the CGI on the creatures and living mammals on Earth were realistic and fitted into their setting, better than anyone on the green screen.

Overall, After Earth will leave you expecting more and you will spend more time looking at your watch to see how much more forest scenery you have to go through and how many more predictable moments you will see.

I feel that the movie is really poor compared to what it could have been. So it shall be getting a 5/10.

After Earth 1


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