E3 – My favourite trailers!

Now, by the time this gets out, the whole event will most likely be over. Instead of looking at the consoles and how far Microsoft have screwed their fans, we shall be looking directly at a few games that I’ve been excited about over the past months that have been exhibited during the last week!

First out of the gate is Watch Dogs. Created by Ubisoft, this science fiction thriller looks to be an exciting and creative dimension on sandbox gaming. A big brother world, dominated by high grade electronics and security systems is cracked by a vigilante mastermind who fights crime much like Batman but with little remorse when it comes to his gun.

Secondly, we have the 3rd edition in the Dragon Age series “Inquisition”. Forgetting the truly horrendous acts of the 2nd game, I’m excited about playing this. Clocking up almost 100 hours of game play from Origins, I hope that this instalment can equal the classic in both story and content. It does seem that Bioware pull it back in the 3rd game and lose it in the 2nd. For instance, Mass Effect 2; which was quite a change from the first but the third worked out to be one of the best games I played. Keep it up Bioware!

Now we have another new game on the scene. Ryse: Son of Rome. I know little about what this game is about but by look at the trailer, it involves swords, battles, Romans and lots of blood. All things I enjoy in a good game. So, here you go!

Fourth and finally we have Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. Following from the triumphs of the navel missions in AC3, the creation of the game gives new light on the overall tale of the assassins order. I’ve posted about this multiple times already and I’m a huge fan boy of this so I shall just pop the trailer here for you guys before I ramble much further!

Thanks for reading guys! I would have put the new Battlefield and Call of Duty but they seem to be getting enough attention at the moment. These are just a few of the games that I’m looking forward too, so be sure to comment about yours!


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