The Counselor Teaser Trailer!

Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Dormer and Penélope Cruz all appearing in a 1 minute teaser trailer for The Counselor by Ridley Scott looks to be a film to watch out for. When a lawyer gets himself involved with drug trafficking, then shit hits the fan and they are stuck to face the consequence.

Without looking and IMDB, I can only presume that Brad Pitt is the main lead for the film, due to the fact he is an A list actor who can draw quite a crowd. Evidently, he finished filming for World War Z and jumped straight onto this project, which looks too be one of the best movies this year. With a huge cast, I hope it works out to be up for some awards. yet as this is a teaser, we have to consider that it has to reveal little but enough to create goosebumps!


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  1. I would consider Javier Bardem not only an A list actor but the only actor with any real talent in the entire cast! World War Z? Let’s not forget SKYFALL! It was Javier Bardem who made that movie the hit that it was!
    He’s also an OSCAR winner.That’s something Mr.Pitt will ever be.

    • You do have to consider that there are a huge amount of A-List actors who give great performances but haven’t achieved an Oscar or an award.

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