Luther – Season 3 – BBC UK – Episode 1 – SPOILERS-

An explosive opening to an explosive series. Luther has to be oneLuther 3 of my favourite shows and characters that I have seen on the my television for many, many years. Idris Elba portrays the deeply troubled an dark detective with such ease and grace that it feels real.

I won’t ruin this for anyone, but BBC Iplayer is easily accessible and I only have a few key points to pick out!

So, we open at what appears to be the end of the series. The blues are blazing and a fire rages behind a steel garage door, it beings to creep up as fire licks at the back wall and we see Luther, his partner and what I can only assume to be the killer. Suddenly a bang, and fire roars out of the building as
Idris walks out without a care in the world.

From now, it appears that detective Ripley (Luther’s partner) has now joined forces with a few rogue officers who have it out for the way Luther takes justice into his own hands and his rational choice which is legally wrong by morally right. We also have the introduction of a new love interest and a killer who looks to be our main protagonist for the whole series.

Whether this series will turn out like season two’s miniseries or a full length series. However, this episode has shown that they have retained the gritty lighting, the rough landscapes and the heart pumping tension which is raised in an amazing style. No music, just the breathing, creeks of the floor, a flick of a switch and it suddenly ruptures into violence. The techniques here will be great for the big screen, and as some of you may know, there is talk about a movie after this series.

The sudden return of a British great, which seals the UK’s reputation for gritty street dramas and brilliant television. If you missed it, be sure too jump onto BBC Iplayer and get watching!

Luther 2


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  1. I love this series, can never wait for the next episode to be aired. I totally agree with you drake, idris fits the role perfectly or is it the role that fits him. Each episode idris/luther makes it all realistic, he knows what he needs to do and does it, there are no frills or cheesey background music just as it should be and because of the great casting etc. this is the best cop drama out for a very long time . If Luther does get to the big screen I really hope they keep the actors they have for the series, I don’t think a movie of this with other people in the roles will work, Luther is a great show because the cast in it make it so x

    • Idris is involved with the production of the piece and is the one saying about a possible movie. So it is safe to assume that the cast will stay the same. I love the man and feel he is a true legend and cannot wait to see him in Pacific Rim next week!

  2. love this series as well. I want to see this into a movie!

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