The Walking Dead Game – QUICKY REVIEW – SPOILERS

The Walking Dead 1I truly cannot believe that I left it so long to play this game. I have just wrapped up playing it and it’s safe to say that the game was one of the best I have played. With the morale choices, the cause and effects moment that shapes the story, I find myself emotionally attached, possibly a little drained. A game, with such a detailed, exuberant story and character development has managed to make me feel for the characters in a way that I would not normally do. Moments of sheer panic make me crease, fear making too much noise or shouting at the screen for the stupid thing I just did.

Just looking back through the story, reminiscing on the short, but wondrous journey I’ve just undertaken, I feel a sense on anger and dismay at how we ended episode 5. Leaving Clementine to wonder the world alone, in search for who ever you told her to look for is dark and really kicks you in the teeth when you could have kept Lee if he didn’t just go grabbing things. It was dark, gritty and disturbing, especially when you don’t know who the two silhouettes are (Just downloaded 400 Days, so hopefully that will shed some light on it for me). It’s a testament to how well the game was scripted and directed, you felt for the characters like you would in the books. It doesn’t help that I had a soft spot for Clem. A bond between her and Lee was adorable and blossomed quickly but she played an asset all the way through, which other character didn’t. With the love for some of the characters, you also hate a few and I tended to them in the best of fashion…

The ability to change the outcome of he story is crazy, every twist and turn is calculated for. Extra lines written, new dialogue for each part which also affects the story. It’s a complicated process and is just stunning to look at it being done. It’s a shame that you can’t save certain people, most notably would be Lee. Without him and the announcement of a season 2 makes it unknown territory with new characters and could leave you with no answers at the end.

There is only a few problems I had with this game. Fortunately, I bought the hard copy and got all of the episodes, but I feel those that did could have felt a little cheated on the purchases. My second issue is the visuals. They are gorgeous and remind me of Borderlands but darkness levels plummet at points that make it really difficult for you to even see Lee, and some of the smaller textures, like the bushes, looked a little messy. Thirdly, the Sound is variable. I found myself turning the volume up and down continuously, alongside a lot of the glitching and buggyness, it was making it hard to watch the videos, which was a let down. Finally, the last problem I have is with the shooting. Aiming is incredibly difficult, sluggish and unresponsive. Aiming on FPS games is crisp and easy to use, but it takes the biscuit for me. Glitching about as I’m trying to shoot makes it hard enough and the sluggish movement isn’t helping anyone.

So overall? Due to a few technical issues, I shall be giving this a 9/10. With a little more focus on the technical aspects of the game, season 2 should be one hell of a ride. Please comment if you would like a review of 400 days once I’m done playing and be sure to check out the new youtube channel that is in the works. Has a few Walking dead testers on there but check it out! –

The Walking Dead

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