Theory of a Deadman’s Savages – Quicky Album Review

SavagesIt feels very odd to review an album after so many movies and games, so please forgive the flow of my piece. If you have any music you’d like me to review please let me know! Upon the release of the album, you can catch the whole album on their youtube channel (Click here for the playlist). Its not in any order so be wary that the flow of the album may be a little different

Over the last few months, Theory of a Deadman have been releasing a series of lyric videos for their upcoming album “Savages” titled after the song of the same name featuring Rock legend Alice Cooper. As singles, the songs are strong both vocally and musically. With a blend of heavy, catch riffs, lyrical wit and Connolly’s iconic tone, these singles rank up as some of my favourite songs by the group. One issue that has plagued the band is that any songs that aren’t singles don’t hold the same gravitas and appeal factor. Can they turn it around with Savages? I don’t quite know.

With 4 of the songs getting their own music videos, the other 9 tracks were left completely in the dark. As I’ve already mentioned, the 4 tracks are brilliant and upon listening to the rest of the album, this time around it appears that they have kept to a slightly heavy trend for the majority of the album rather than a small sample of track. There is a healthy variation between tracks with “The One” & “Livin’ My Life Like a Country Song” featuring Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts demonstrating a far slower, acoustic approach that’s wonderfully contagious. Just prior to these tracks, I felt like I was listening to Rob Zombie rather the TOAD and its great to see the selection the band has chosen rather than lumping the same sort of things together that blend together into something that breezes by with no distinction.

My favourite part of this album is actually the lyrics of a fair few songs. The singles are obviously the strongest of the lot but “Blow” is probably one of their best written songs to date. I may even consider it one of the best I’ve heard in quite a while. Taking stabs at pop culture from reality TV too Kanye West and Chris Brown make it even better. Many of us will agree with all the points they say within the song and it shows that as a group, Theory of a Deadman really don’t give a damn about what sort of flak they may get from the moronic state of individuals.

I’m no professional musician but listening to the album, the technique that goes into the pieces are great. Musically the album is solid. Its heavy, which can qualify itself for the Rock genre but its also catchy which make it extremely popular with a much wider audience and a great stepping stone for those interested in the genre. Canada appears to have released another group that can produce concrete music. Yes I’m talking about Nickleback and yes, I do like them. Alright, some tracks aren’t up their with the greats and the singles but I feel that overall Savages deserves an 8/10. I’ll end up having this album on repeat for a number of weeks and I doubt I will become sick of it!


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