Film Review: The Interview

Kim Jong Eurghhh…

What is the essence of comedy i hear you ask? In my own view, comedy relies on the importance of timing and delivery in order to effectively produce laughs. British humour is the greatest humour in the world, (No Bias Intended) highlighted by famous British comedy shows/films such as Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and most recently the Thick of It which is easily the funniest and most intelligent comedy show i have seen in the 21st century. My overall feeling after watching The Interview, was that comedy has died. And in a bad way, as well as feeling that  there is a clear target audience which, in my view, consists of young males, between the ages of 12 and 15, who will find Rogen/Franco’s new film unbelievably funny whereas I, who is reaching their 21st birthday, found it distasteful, crude and a complete waste of time. The rant continues…

In terms of plot, Franco plays a non-likable caricature, symbolising the  laddish-culture that seeps through a range of films and TV programmes that are ripe in society today, who is tasked with Rogen’s “Samwise” to Franco’s “Frodo”, character in bringing down the “most famous man alive,” Kim-Jong Un, after they are both invited to interview him in North Korea. What follows is a 115 minute orgy of racism, swearing, violence and casual misogyny which most importantly, is not in anyway funny, but instead made me wish i had been bombed during the showing as it would have saved me the pain of following the film all the way until the credits came up.

Anyone who is alive will have been aware of the impending bomb threat North Korea have sanctioned in response to the film and so far, i am still alive and well but that may soon change, meaning my last ever review may be on a film that is not only highly racist, but entirely lacks taste and charm, all of which i expect somewhere in a film classified as “comedy”. The Interview, in a word then, is pants. Of the highest order, and is only prevented from 1/10 by the ONE smile i managed during the course of the film which was brought upon by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that featured in the film. Seriously, that was the best bit. A dog. Enjoy.

Overall Score: 2/10


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