Film Review: Predestination

A Man Walks Into A Bar…

Time-travel movies always seem to have a fundamental, and crucial, element of attempting to  prevent the audience from asking too many questions in regards to the sciencey-wiency, timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly (Yes, Doctor Who is amazing) stuff that happens during the course of the film. Thankfully in the case of Predestination, such a crucial element is adhered to, with it being a rather enjoyable, and slightly confusing, 90 minutes of science fiction which gripped me from start to finish.

Ethan Hawke, fresh from his role in the wonderful Boyhood, plays an un-named time agent who seeks to bring down the one target that has eluded him throughout his life, the Fizzle Bomber, yet during his undercover operation in the 1970’s, he comes across the transgender John, who begins to tell the tale of his life and, most importantly, the one man that has eluded him, prompting Hawke’s character to make the most of his time-travelling capabilities and help John understand the nature of his mysterious saboteur. The film has echoes of previous sci-fi films such as Looper and Jumper, yet Predestination stands strongly on its own two feet by having a brilliant script, albeit one that asks a range of questions, particularly in regards to paradoxes and fundamental time-travel problems, and some solid acting, particularly from Australian actress Sarah Snook, whose portrayal as the transgender Jane/John being a particular highlight.

Although Predestination may have slightly sunk under the UK film radar, it is definitely worth seeking out and watching, with it being the on par with the other stand out sci-fi film so far this year; Ex Machina. It is also good to hear that Sarah Snook has been recognised for her role in the film, with her winning “Best Actress” at this years’ AACTA Awards and it is her performance, and the film’s rather strange script that makes Predestination a reel sci-fi winner.

Overall Score: 8/10


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