GTAV Heists – Review – A Little too Late?

I'll be uploading some videos soon!

I’ll be uploading some videos soon!

Its been over a year since the release of the biggest game in recent history. With promises of online heists, many of its devoted fan base waited through the delays and poor community feedback. Finally, it arrived. Yet, was it worth it?

As it stands, I’ve only had time to play the first two heists, Fleeca Bank and The Prison Job.

As soon as I got into a lobby I received the call from Lester. After a little back and forth, I was finally able to participate in the first job. In the same format as the single player campaign, the job is dividing into sections and makes you clear off the entire checklist before doing said job. Each time you have to go through a process of hosting a lobby and inviting people into the game, this is where I experienced many a problem. First of all, you have the rabble of GTA who will not wait for people to join the lobby, secondly you have the extreme pressure on the servers causing certain functions to dissipate and finally close the lobby. As a format, the process of joining is not easy. Its in fact a nuisance. In the second job when one person joined, it would kick another member out meaning you’d have a conga line of players incoming and out going because they were clashing.

Gameplay wise, it’s no difference to the game. AI’s are just as dull and fairly easy to whittle through, unless you pull the short straw and get stuck with a dullard (this is often). Restarts are punished and the overall outcome is far less which has a sense of reality which is also effected by the quality of vehicles you bring to them. For a host, you drop a lump sum of money up front. The Prison Job is the first mission that you have to do this for. For a whopping 40k you can go ahead and start robbing people. Considering the payout from the last mission was significant, espicially as the host, you can finally earn a decent amount of money without spending hours grinding ‘Rooftop Rumble’ and races. Now you can just grind heists!

Its a great change to the economy of GTA and nice to have something that actively rewards you rather than being pressured into buying virtual currency. Fortunately, I’m skint and have plenty of time on my hands to grind away but this really makes it easy for any player to enjoy the game again, Unless you’re a PC fan… Perhaps in a few months we’ll hear about a new GTA coming out next year as they may have finally milked the GTAV cow dry.



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