Run All Night – Liam Neeson, at it again! – Quicky Review

Run All Night 2For an actor with an Oscar under his belt, Liam Neeson appears to have just given up caring. Whether its his agent or the fact that he is looking for something to do rather than hang around the retirement home watching Loose Women on daytime. Run All Night is one of these films. It seems as if Jaume Collet-Serra has one heck of a hard-on for trying to recreate Taken but with the same actor. In his 6 movie directorial roles, 3 of those have Neeson as the poster boy all playing the same action man role. The Taken formula has become so blistered and bruised by the constant beatings that I may have to call the Samaritans.

My presence at the movie theatres has been somewhat less frequent this year so I can’t judge many, however, Run All Night has to be the worst film I’ve seen all year. It will sit on my list of awful movies in a fairly moderate position, not quite overtaking anything Seth Rogen or Franco have anything to do with.

Run All Night is the story of a drunkard gangster whose worth to society is the killing of other mobsters. Its been rather quiet for some time it appears and shit goes to pop when his estranged son witnesses a murder by the mob bosses son and flees. Neeson kills the mob bosses son to save his son from being kill by the mob bosses son. This is probably the most interesting part of the film in a story sense. So once Neeson kills the mob bosses son, he calls the mob boss and tells him he killed his son. The mob boss (Neeson’s now former friend) decides to kill him, his son and his sons family. Sounds exciting, right? No. Its just a dull catch and mouse chase with an ending you could have predicted from the moment Liam Neeson was handed the script. If you want mindless entertainment, you won’t find it here.

With acting worse than a small budget hentai, Neeson is as convincing as Kristen Stewart “happy”. The rest as just as dull and extremely overzealous, visual transitions are a mixture of stock footage suddenly zoomed in to look realistic but looks like utter dogshit. If you’d like to get close to characters, understand what pushes them or experience their raw emotions, you also won’t find that. Many of them appear only to fade away. Sway in on screen with a glancing photo bomb to then run off giggling. Joel Kinnaman was more convincing as Robocop than an actual human while Ed Harris spoke like a king but walked like a peg-legged zombie.

If you want to laugh at something that actively tries to be good, you could probably watch this. I wouldn’t recommend seeing the movie in the cinema or DVD until its either being thrown at you for free or the supermarket throws them into the bin as only one person bought the DVD out of the 10,000 copies they ordered. 5/10 for something that you can laugh at, a 4 would equal it to This Is The End, so that isn’t fair to put it in that bracket. IMDB’s 7.3 rating and Rotten Tomatoes 60% amaze me, obviously, if you feel otherwise, leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

Run All Night 1


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