TV Review: Game of Thrones – Series 5 Episode Six “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” SPOILER ALERT

The Dread Wedding

Well, that ending was pretty terrible. After weeks of Sansa being built up as the new heroine figure of the Game of Thrones saga, such a notion can only be regarded as “on hold” after another controversial scene which must have made even the strong-willed of GOT fans feel a little uneasy. Much like the Cersei/Jamie situation last season, the final scene of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” is set to breed headlines in the next few weeks or so, or maybe until Sansa (hopefully) gets her own back and violently stabs Ramsey in the eye or something. We’re a nice lot aren’t we? Game of Thrones has never shied away from the subject of rape or other sexual violence but to see Sansa, who already has witnessed more tragedy than everyone put together in the Seven Kingdoms, be the newest victim of such was a hard sight to see. We hate you Game of Thrones. We flippin’ hate you.

Aside from the worst eloping ceremony since the Red Wedding, Jamie and Bronn failed spectacularly in their attempts to steal back Myrcella, who under the watchful gaze of soon-to-be-hubby Trystane Martell was faced with the two hunting parties of Uncle/Father and the Sand Snakes, each with their different reasons for taking her away from the wonders of Dorne, which once again was given much too little screen-time to fully engage in its’ supposed beauty. There was however much more screen-time for Arya at Braavos, who after weeks of cleaning the dead was given the opportunity to witness what was in the crypts below, something of which could only be classed as “eerie”, a word which perfectly suits the entire Arya storyline so far with their being not much to go on but enough to constantly ask, “what they heck was that?”

The soap that is King’s Landing continued to blossom, with this week’s drama being based around the infidelity of the Tyrell’s, particularly Ser Loras who was royally screwed over by ex-lover Olyvar in his testimony. of which, subsequently resulted in Margaery herself being put on trial. All we needed was the EastEnders drum roll and I would have been sold. Thumbs up too for the return of Olenna and Diana Rigg who always seems to have the knack of having the greatest comical lines in the entire history of Game of Thrones. Popping up for the day too was Littlefinger who once again threw his allegiances into the land of ambiguity by proclaiming his loyalty to the throne, which to Cersei meant the Lannister’s but to everyone else meant whoever suited Littlefinger best. It is constantly amusing how the entire backlog of story within Game of Thrones has pretty much been orchestrated by Littlefinger himself making him not only the slickest person in Westeros, but the luckiest to be alive.

With Jorah now infested with the horror that is dragonscale, it was no surprise really to see him go along with Tyrion’s escape route from recent capture by the slavers which will see him enter the fighting pits in the coming weeks, something of which I am very much looking forward to. Tear-jerk moment of the week too was the scene where Jorah was made aware of his late father’s death by Tyrion, and with Jorah seemingly not having much time left himself, it seems Bear Island is set to lose two of its’ most famous home-grown talents, unless Jorah bumps into the same medic that saved Shireen Baratheon. I can only hope so. In conclusion therefore, Game of Thrones served up yet another controversial episode which is bound to see repercussions in the coming weeks, both in Westeros itself and the forces that be within the World’s media. With just four weeks to go, it is fair to say that viewers should start sitting even more comfortably. Stuff is gonna go down.

Overall Score: 8/10


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