Film Review: The Cobbler

Throughout most of his rather bland and unremarkable career in film, Adam Sandler has at least managed to dial down his annoying and slightly repulsive acting ability to demonstrate how, if he chooses to be, he can actually be a solid comedic actor with some degree of talent, with my personal preference in his back catalogue being Big Daddy, a film, that although has a range of flaws, is rather funny in some places and overall, is a good solid comedy. Also, Little Nicky gets minor kudos for the hard-rock soundtrack and having Harvel Keitel as the devil. Now in 2015 however, we have The Cobbler, a film so muddled in its’ own mix of comedic and magical elements, that its’ almost the type of film you expect an actor of Sandler’s pedigree to be a part of, particularly when looking back at his most recent endeavors into cinema. Aside from The Cobbler not being funny throughout its’ overlong running time of 100 minutes, it is also one of the most boring experiences I have felt within film so far this year with the magical element that the film completely hinges on losing steam after about twenty minutes or so as well as being an element that settles more on the creepy, stalker side rather than the empowering, life-improving one. To be fair to Sandler, The Cobbler isn’t the worst thing he has ever done, but it might be the most boring, with Sandler himself actually being better than usual and not making me want to hang myself every-time he is on screen. So overall, not awful, but not any good either.

Overall Score: 3/10


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