TV Review: Game of Thrones – Season Six Episode Two “Home” SPOILERS

“Every One Of Us Is Poor and Powerless. And Yet Together, We Can Overthrow An Empire…”

Okay guys, I’m sorry. After disbanding all hope of resurrection in my review of last week’s Season Six premiere, it was only just that this week Game of Thrones succeeded in pulling off one of the least-shocking shocks in the history of the show. That’s right guys, Lord Snow is back, and hopefully, with a full-blooded vengeance, one that has the chance to change the course of the show’s branch into nothingness by sieging a full-on war against the roots of evil across Westeros with the magically restored bastard of Winterfell helming the charge. After months of fans hibernating into the reclusive nature of a depressive with the loss of their curly haired beefcake, surely now is the beginning of redemption, a reincarnation of hope that after six seasons, Westeros can finally change for the better. Speaking of evil, what on earth is wrong with the Westerosian psycho that is Ramsey Bolton? I mean it’s bad enough stabbing your own father in the heart, but letting the dogs lose on your mother-in-law and newly born brother? Another level dude, another level. Now I know that Roose Bolton was not exactly Mother Theresa, but to be killed off like that? Some would say karma, I say butchery.

Adding to the violence count this week was our first real glimpse of the newly zombified Mountain, dead-bodyguard to the illustrious Cersei, who took offence at the ramblings of a drunkard and swiftly bashed his head in rather too easily for any living being. Be scared. Being cut from the payroll too this week was Balon Greyjoy whose long lost brother tempted him to strike out and in return become fish food after falling off the least stable connecting bridge I’ve seen since Harrison Ford tried to escape the child capturers in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. I mean seriously guys, where did brother Greyjoy come from? Another example of a character popping up without prior warning and then doing something in order to look bad-ass. Strange. Elsewhere, Tyrion this week found out that sometimes childhood ambitions aren’t always the safest things to live out, with his confrontation with Dany’s dragons seemingly scaring the life out him, resulting in the episode’s funniest quip. Obviously Jon Snow’s resurrection will take the headlines with his return resulting in a superb episode, one that hopefully will shake the foundation of the show to its’ core.

Overall Score: 9/10 


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