TV Review: Game of Thrones – Season Six Episode Eight “No One” SPOILERS

“I Choose Violence…”

Who’d thunk it? After nearly two seasons of Arya’s story-line going up. down, back around and coming full circle again right into the path of ambiguity, the House of Black and White is no longer a place of lodging for little Arya Stark, the baby-faced assassin who, after everything, decided it was best to continue her legacy as a Stark rather than a Faceless Man, a decision that ultimately brought to an end not only the life of the Waife, but to all those brilliantly barmy fan theories which suggested a bit more was behind the actions of one of the last remaining Stark’s in Westeros. What now for Arya? A return to either the North or King’s Landing is not exactly out of the question but her own wish to visit lands yet explored seems a more pressing concern for our beloved Arya, yet the real question remains, after all the dedication to the Faceless Men previously, was it the right decision to end it so quickly? From a writing point of view, probably not, with Arya’s story in particular needing a particular level of dedication in hope of a epic payoff. Was this the right way to go therefore? Was the time spent in Braavos really worth it for such a conclusion? I’m not too sure.

Away from Stark’s and creepy assassins, King’s Landing held ground for some meaty head yanking action, with the High Sparrow’s minions getting a pretty clear taste of what happens when you mess with Cersei Lannister and her deranged Frankenstein of a bodyguard. A.K.A,the zombified Mountain. On the other side of Westeros, the Hound provided light black comedy in his quest for vengeance, with quips about being awful at dying being followed by acts of sheer brutality. I mean come one, that head being chopped off was pure B-Movie brilliance. Weak point of this week’s episode came when the beloved Blackfish was seemingly killed off off-screen without the chance to witness his famous ability of swordsmanship. I mean come on HBO, there can’t be a budget issue! In fact, yes there might have been, with Meereen holding siege against the bloodthirsty masters just in time for Dany to return and witness what happens when she flies off gets captured. “No One” proved to be somewhat the weakest of Season Six so far, providing a questionable end to Arya’s story-line and killing off a certain character without to no satisfactory end. But hey, who cares when we have the aptly titled “The Battle of the Bastards” next week.

Overall Score: 7/10

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