TV Review: Westworld – Series One Episode Six “The Adversary” SPOILERS

“If You Could Only See Your Son Again, Bernard, Would You Want To…?

Plunging the perils of that thing called the internet this week, I came to an agreement with the most plausible fan theory regarding Westworld, in that there seems to more than just one time structure occurring throughout the series with its’ main focus on that of Delores and the path laid out for her so far. Ironically, this weeks’ episode was the first which decided to not include her character at all, a decision which may have been regarded as wrong at the start of the episode yet come the end, allowed the more mediocre plot lines of Westworld to expand and deliver perhaps the meatiest movement of the series so far. Whilst Teddy and The Man in Black continued their journey into the mysterious maze, all the while taking the time to destroy half a settlement with a Gatling gun, the key areas of the episode all took place back at Westworld HQ where our beloved theme park controllers began to experience a changing level of artificial intelligence.

Unbeknown to Bernard, his search into Section 17 prompted him to find more than a couple of rogue hosts with him instead finding an entire family, a family designed by the mysterious Arnold for Dr. Ford who has continued to keep them in pristine condition in secret away from the rest of the park in order to preserve their, and presumably his own, memories. Discovering such can only resort in Bernard attempting to do something similar regarding the loss of his child, yet with Dr. Ford discovering the murderous and treacherous desires of Arnold’s hosts, such an outcome can only lead to an unexpected sticky end. Perhaps the most interesting development of the episode came with Thandie Newton’s Maeve, who upon realising the outcome of death leads back to the control room, decided to have a peek around her constructed life, resulting in forcing her creators to improve her capped level of intelligence. Revolution away? One would have thought and after a couple of weeks of slacking in terms of plot development, this week’s episode of Westworld was a much needed return to the top form the series began with.

Overall Score: 9/10


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