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Top 5 Games of the Year – 2013

Looking back over the year of games, I have noticed that very little actually caught my attention. Apart from the generic continuation of the basic and repetitive instalments of CoD and Battlefield, that leave little to be desired apart from a new 6 hour campaign and new maps for the online play. I would have written have like to have done an unboxing video on the youtube channel (Black Ribbon Gaming Youtube Channel) of the new generation of consoles but seeing that I could just about afford the Xbox One and only just received it, I felt it a little pointless to do one so late on. I would also like to stress that I only have an Xbox 360. PS3 games, unfortunately, cannot make it into my top games as of yet.

In no particular order:

The Walking Dead 1

1 – The Walking Dead – Telltale Series.

Yes I know that it came out last year but the full hard copy came out earlier this year with every episode and also the 400 Days dropped too. Plus the new one comes out in a few days and I’m wetting myself with excitement. Possibly one of the most innovative games in many, many years. A cinematic story that forces you to make moral decisions that affect you later on (Don’t worry, forums and Wikia will help you to get the perfect ending that will help you in the next series!). With a creative art style and brilliant script writing, this game will stand as one of the best for many years too come. The Walking Dead – Review

2 – Bioshock Infinite

Originally destined for release in 2012, Bioshock was pushed back into the earlier part of this year. Saddened by the wait, hopes were high for an even stronger game. In true fashion, it was out of this world. A change in scenery was worrying to think about but the overall outcome gave you a new story that can go so many different ways. Take the DLC for example. You get to return to Rapture and it’s just awesome to see the world again but with people actually living there, not some crack heads and adorable Big Daddies… A tense and exciting game. Ken Levine has done it again and should just be aloud creative freedom to do what he pleases! Bioshock Infinite – Review


TombRaider20133 – Tomb Raider

An unexpected favourite of mine. Earlier this year, Josh wrote a review praising it for being amazing. I held back for a while. I didn’t want to spend too much money on something that I may not enjoy. Eventually I caved in and bought the special edition box set version with some really cool additions in it for only £20. Bargain! I kid you not, the game was awesome. A mix of fantasy carved into a survival story doesn’t always work but Square Enix knocked it out of the park. A vast landscape with lots of free-reign to do as you please but enough guidance to keep you on track without being too intrusive. Combat is simple and realistic and the visuals are astonishing. Nothing short of incredible and too think they have just released a special edition with upped graphics for the next gen consoles. Square Enix have a prize winner by keeping their trademark cinematic footage but moved away from sponging from the Final Fantasy series. Tomb Raider – Review


4 – Assassins Creed 4 – Black Flag

Yeah. Do I really need to explain this? Pirates, Assassins, Sailing, killing shit and all that fun stuff that we’ve come to expect from the AC franchise. I’d have to question you if you did not enjoy this. The story is far superior to AC3, the visuals are fantastic, sailing is no longer a gimmick and you’re a motherfucking pirate assassin!Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 2 The game drops the mini games and really focuses on experiencing the incredibly vast world. It’s sandbox but MASSIVE. A very similar combat system with little change makes it easy to jump back in and frolic around the deck of your ship, pestering the local wildlife or stabbing anything in a red coat… Assassins Creed 4 – Review


5 – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Not the multiplayer)

One of histories most successful games, this list simply could not ignore it. Seeing that GTA4 bored me, I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun. Yeah, it lacks top of the range visuals and is extremely glitchy but the huge story and the mad antics are entertaining. It’s a game you can pick up and enjoy without having the use your head. However, I don’t enjoy the multiplayer much. It’s a cluster of people paranoid that they’re going to get wiped and will shoot without a thought. Simple, crazy and unruly.  Great with a few friends, some beer and some terrible food.

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Top 5 Movies of 2013!

2013 has been one hell of a year. We have yet to hit our first birthday (Feb. 18th) but I’ve had plenty of time to spend procrastinating, watching films and playing games. Nothing different to my normal lifestyle, apart from the fact that this site gives me a reason to sit up until 3AM.

In no particular order, I have chosen my 5 favourite movies of the year.

1 – RushRush 2

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Rush details the lives of famed racing drivers Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. Ron Howards directions gave this movie an incredible feeling. It is a raw depiction of one of the most dangerous sports with little regulation and safety precaution. Gloriously shot, the colours pop and focus is always drawn perfectly with the right balance of focus in high speed chases. An exciting thrill ride with an intriguing story and a must-see for any F1 fans, both new and old. Full throttle excitement with some strong language and a feels trip for old fans. Rush – Review

2 – Captain Phillips

Based on the events in 2009 where Somali pirates board the MV Maersk Alabama. The five day ordeal is compressed down quite substantially but still is a brutal watch. Nothing is skimped out and you can really feel the tension oozing off screen. The space that they had to work in is also incredible when you think about it. The work that went into getting the stunning shots is massive and it paid off 100%. With Tom Hanks at the helm, his acting talent shines. Contrasted against Barkhad Abdi, two completely different men bounce off of each other. Abdi’s skeletal frame is token to how well they have cast everyone. A roller-coaster ride with one of the best ending scenes I have ever seen. Packed with emotion, superb acting and gorgeous filming, anyone with half a brain will adore. Captain Phillips – Review

Pacific Rim 43 – Pacific Rim

Giant monsters, giant robots and a shit ton of action? What’s not to love!? Yeah the script and acting are a little wack but no one can say that Pacific Rim is a terrible movie. Visual effects are probably the best I’ve seen in many years and the choreographed fight scenes are just epic. Plus a bit of Idris Elba never goes a miss. The perfect movie. Nothing to complicated, great fun and a gaggle of laughs.

Pacific Rim – Review

4 – Only God ForgivesOnly God Forgives 3

Considered the biggest Marmite film of this year, I felt that this movie was a work of art. Directed by the same guy as Drive, the gruesome violence transcends into this wonderfully excessive environment. Yeah, sure, Ryan Gosling isn’t an amazing actor and has the voice of a prepubescent boy who can’t convey anger without squeaking away like he lost a game of Call of Duty. All that aside, it is a really meaty and creative piece of work. It’s a film that demands a lot from it’s audience and if you’re in the right mindset, you could really enjoy the neon lights and the twisted story to this dramatic thriller. Only God Forgives – Review

5 – Saving Mr. Banks

Seeing that I only just reviewed this the other day, I was in love with this movie. It’s a real feel good movie which feels like it has every bit lovingly worked upon to give it this feeling. The jumping between time periods to elaborate and expand the story is a wonderful addition to document the life and creation of the beloved Mary Poppins. An all around great film with little – if anything wrong with it. Saving Mr. Banks – Review

Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Review – SPOILERS

Hunger GamesAs an excessive internet fiend, I’ve been involved with many communities on the internet, particularly (go check it out!). My involvement with this community brings many fandoms to my attention on a regular basis and anything that involves Jennifer Lawrence tends to be fairly popular. With the constant push of these groupies, I caved in and watched the first of this series, the night before we saw Catching Fire. Unfortunately, I was let down. I’m still adamant that the Hunger Games is just Battle Royale with cheese and less blood. I had high expectations of violence, excitement and characters that would grasp my interest. After my disappointment and being reassured that the second book in the series is far more action packed, I went in with hope. What I’ve failed to grasp is the tween audience and devout love for everything and everything related to it, but it could be worse, they could have been “Beliebers”…

Carrying on. With a lot of hope, I sat through the movie. Considering I haven’t read the books, I was a bit pissed with the cliffhanger ending but otherwise, it was alright. Very little has changed from the first film. a lot of shit is still going on, riots have put various districts under lock down and general discomfort feeds a waiting beast. The only thing that has really changed is the settings for “Peeta” and Katniss which lacks any of the suspected riches. A year has rolled on, comfortably living in their shabby mansions with little colour and all the aesthetics of a mental institute plucked from Batman’s Gotham city; suddenly joined by Tim Burton’s wet dream – Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), garnered in vividly sickening colours with influence from Medieval England and a bin, she begins spluttering about some tour across the districts and all that jazz. As I couldn’t work out a name for this tour, lets call it the, “Look how rich I am because I won a game tour of 2013”. Funnily enough, Katniss was oblivious to the riots she caused with the salute mid-game and notices an impending trend which she begins to abuse. Noticing that it gets people killed, she backed up and did what she was told. Until, you guessed it, the Hunger Games. Each districts winners are called upon for the 75th anniversary slaughtering because grumpy old president doesn’t like being beaten. Once the big baby is satisfied, the games start but don’t end in your typical fashion. Yeah, so as a story, it’s pretty easy to deduct how big plot pieces unfolds with a few additional little surprises tucked away. Even if I had watched the previous movie on release day, I could have jumped into this movie without worrying to much about a complicated story line and forgetting everything that previously happened.

I’d like to pick on the visuals a little. I’m an ass for good CGI and FX from big budget movies but there is certainly occasions that I have to question what on earth they were thinking. At one point there  centre island and the water effect around it lost a lot of it’s focus and resolution and some of the rocks genuinely looked like set props from the Flintstones movie. I fully understand that the Hunger Games 3Hunger Games world is representing the deformities between the bourgeois and proletariat with the upper classes manipulation of those with little power but I feel it really misses the potential to really portray it after the whole Occupy movement, but I digress. On a positive note, the CGI for the baboons was far better than the ass-faced ‘dogs’ from the end of the previous movie. But then we get to a few of the deaths. If you’re going to walk about without a top, I would at least like to see some blood when you get shot in the chest with an arrow.

Being that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, It’s a common belief that they could continue this streak through their other projects. Occasionally, it felt as if she was really struggling to push Katniss. It’s hard to get much when he doesn’t play much of a role in the actual fighthing too. When Katniss has to act joyfully and blissful, she can do that but it’s nothing we don’t expect from a person that is a very much the same. It’s when she has to portray despair, fear and the really raw emotion. Perhaps not Michael Fassbender’s breakdown in The Counsellor with snot smearing his face like a Jackson Pollock painting, but a medium. This issue probably falls on the script and poor directing for not really exploring her to give J.Law some form of platform. Peter, or the incompetent way of spelling it – ‘Peeta’ (Josh Hutcherson) is a fairly standard role. With very little context to him, he’s once again left out by a weak script that makes him look like a giant pussy. The rest are fairly standard, Liam Hemsworth decided he’d tag along and take a bit more time on screen but then just blends back into the ether for the rest of the film. Philip Sermour Hoffman is probably the strongest of the cast, he powers through the lines and enjoys to play a game like a cunning fox, throwing you from pillar to post wondering what he’d do next and redeem himself for playing both sides of the fence.

With all of it’s flaws, the film is better than it’s predecessor. Not massively but a little better. Created for teens, I may just be an old git. The overall will probably be a 7/10. The script is weak and reflects on everyone. Without the aggression, you never feel the rush of excitement that is a foundation for anything action. A few of the FX were weak and I just longed for more from a production of it’s size.

Sorry for the chaotic review. I’ve been procrastinating all week and it’s a bit of a mess so I could get a review up for Saving Mr Banks tomorrow!

Hunger Games 2

Tinie Tempah – Demonstration – REVIEW

Tinie Tempah

No, I don’t get it either…

Tinie Tempah’s new album was released today. Seeing as I loved his first big album, I decided to actually go out and buy this one. First time in many years! With that in mind, I have really high hopes for the album and hope he shines through.

This time around, Tinie isn’t an unknown artist with very little supporting artists. Now he is teaming up with the new T-Pain/Lil Jon – 2 Chainz for his first single and as much as I tend to ignore 2 Chainz, I felt it was very good but still a huge rip off of Hopsin’s – Trampoline from a while back which consists of much the same material… Upon stating that one of his biggest inspirations for the album was Dizzie, you would expect a real grime element brought to the music and it’s safe to say, some of the songs do emulate the bass and aggressive beats really well. Don’t worry yourself, it’s now all smashing beats!

There is a nice variation of styles throughout, you can move from party tunes to a slow, mellow song and then to the catchy chart hits that made Tinie who he is today. Fortunately, he hasn’t forgot his beginnings on the streets of London. The variation of styles can be a bit confusing to listen first time around but they catch on after a full listen of the album. As I write this, I’m listening through for the 4th time and I haven’t got sick of it but already have a few I adore so far. Each featuring artist has brought their flare to the song and the two that Labyrinth in resonate Pass Out which is quite possibly his best and key moment (Hipster moment – I loved it before it went big!).

Back on subject, Tinie’s flow is awesome and doesn’t made it hard to understand at any point. Yet, In Tears Run Dry, he sounds like he is having hairs plucked at the end of every sentence, making a little squeak which just destroys the song and emotion that it’s supposed to portray. With the variations, the lyrics have to switch consistently and thank god, a lot of it is logical, relatable and a little less about money, fame, women and drinking. Witch Doctor is a song that is a little confusing. The chorus and name don’t really reflect that it’s about a women, thus making it a little weird to hear. Typically, the bigger starts throughout talking about who rich they are. Lyrically, Don’t Sell Out, It’s Ok, and Children of the Sun are a few personal favourites and warrant a listen if you’re considering the album anytime soon. PS – If Tinie’s iconic “Yeeaaah” annoys you, expect to hear it a lot.

As a huge fan of Tinie’s and being that I have quite a hipster moment with his music, I felt I should go out and by the physical album. I would highly recommend that you go and get it too. As ever, I have a couple of songs that are weak compared to the rest but the album is really catchy and does show Tinie’s status within the music industry. 8/10 for this album – a few songs didn’t actually catch me and didn’t feel as strong as they could have been, especially when you are singing “A Heart Can Save The World”.

Battlefield 4 – Quicky Review!

BattlefieldI really don’t know what I expected from a game that is only made for online purposes. Over the last few years, I only bought into Call of Duty and would spend time doing the campaign while sighing over the poorly developed story. This time around, I decided to get both. Seeing that Battlefield 4 was out in America before it was in the UK, it surly pissed a few people off. Alongside pissing off numerous amounts of Russians and Chinese nationals….

Around everything else I had to do, I didn’t stick many hours into the game at all. Probably about 4-5 hours overall. It’s really short and very confusing when you have no idea who “Chang” is. I still don’t know if he has been a theme through the last couple of games but not addressing this to the new players is a really bad play on their behalf. With about six missions that are spread over a few days, everything moves fast. Perhaps a little too fast. The plot twists where predictable and lacked anything that would truly inspire or help you to interact with the characters on a deeper level. So throughout, characters were just distant. You are placed as a Sargent called Recker who doesn’t actually say anything, even when he is being spoken too, a little anti-social if you ask me. It also appears that even when he is in command, everything is decided by everyone else. The rest of the characters are fairly annoying, you cannot relate to them and you learn nothing about them through the time you are with them.

For a game that competes with Call of Duty, every damn year, they should have a lot of effort and resources into the build and development of the game. However, the image was never clear. Surfaces looked fuzzy, AI’s would glitch out, the environment never looked real enough to immerse yourself in. for my first outing, I had really high hopes for it, even with it’s imminent next gen release bragging about higher visual specs.

Where the game shines is in combat. Plug in the headphones, crank up the noise and get ready for a shit show. Reserve ammo and steal what you can as enemies come thick and fast with little room for mistake and manoeuvre. Combat is quite fun, it’s a bit of a switch from CoD but it’s fairly easy to grasp. You cannot just shoot a moving target by sticking the dot on him, you have to consider that the bullet needs to travel to get there, this makes it feel very real and when you have bullets pinging around you, the only thing you want to do is pop the enemy quick before they overwhelm you. The glitchiness (if that’s even a word) of the game got in my way a few times, lining up an enemy only to have it push you away several time, the enemies are also fairly spongy and do take accuracy to put down effectively. This isn’t the case on multiplayer.

In total, it’s a fun and enjoyable game to play, all be it stressful at times but it’s weak and short story mixed in with the general glitches and underwhelming visuals, I have to give it a 7/10.

Tune in next week to see my CoD Ghosts review!

Battlefield 2

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag – Review – SPOILERS

Assassins Creed 4 Black FlagWhen I heard about a new Assassin’s Creed game, I was a little apprehensive. Originally supposed to be 3 stories all following from one to the other and Connors story was to be the end of it all. After smashing the game out over a few days, I’m glad to say that it was worth it and if you take the time to dig about, you can really understand the connection between everything in the world and past stories. If you haven’t noticed, Edward Kenway is Connor’s grandfather.

Following on from the death of Desmond Miles in the 3rd instalment, you are now an employee at Abstergo Entertainment who create movies from the stories collected in the Animus. This obviously is a front from the Templars who are using it for research and another source of income to fuel their operations. This unknown character is played in first person and can be rather annoying in the present day missions to actually move about and look about when you you have toiled away in 3rd person missions within the Animus. Otherwise, when you are actually playing the game, you are Edward Kenway, a relentless pirate sailing the oceans and driven to make his fortune and dropped into it with very little idea about him.

In terms of story, it was really enjoyable, searching for the observatory with a bunch of pirates and a multitude of others was good fun. As ever, it is the same sort of tale from the rest. The search for an artefact that Templars want so they can control the world while the Assassins will stop at nothing to prevent this. The mix of characters and players during the game was a nice mix. You didn’t feel like you had to repeat something so many times that it became meaningless and repetitive. With a load of twists and turns, you are thrown through hoops, even if you aren’t engaged with Edward as a character, you still feel for him when friends die or chaos ensues around him. As a character, Edward is fairly packed with a load of crap weighing him down. When he gets the sea, he is extremely cocky and arrogant which makes him really difficult to like but the badass attitude to life and the mannerisms really fit the wicked pirate design. However, he does feel a far better character than his grandson, Connor. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 2

SPOILERS – If you have finished the game, you may have noticed that the Abstergo server room at the end is full of little cubes up the wall. I believe these to be the viles of blood used in the observatory, thus meaning that the memory mining Animus IS the observatory in a new form. The alien figure at the end also means that we are most likely to see another instalment at some point next year.

The gameplay is still plagued by the problematic free running controls. Being chased by 8 heavily armed men?, running through this open door? NOT TODAY!, as you run up the side of the door or stop all together as you have to release all the controls, wait and then move around. This isn’t something you want to be faced with on a fairly regular basis. It’s much the same with the camera angles when climbing through an obstacle course. You catch try to move on the trigger for the new camera angle, you will find yourself having an epileptic fit. You also won’t have a clue about what level your ship is and why any ships have levels. When you are on your own and you are vastly outnumbered, consider yourself dead and get the hell out of there. If you are fortunate enough to defeat several Man O’ Wars and then board them, be sure to send them to Kenway’s Fleet as this mini game will get you a load of money and a few little extras. These are just a few of my gripes with the gameplay but if you grind through this, you will enjoy the rest. Sailing the ocean is incredibly relaxing and can change at a moments notice, especially if you decide to piss on any countries parade by killing them all and then getting chased by pirate hunters. Fighting in general hasn’t changed one bit. You simply have to mash X and B as soon as you see a big red dot coming at you. Not much has changed in the way of gameplay from Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 1the rest of the games. It is fairly fast action but minimalism to much smaller spaces, like the deck of a ship and that can make it hard to actually move about. It’s also awesome to see that you wanted levels in towns and cities have disappeared. You can disappear in moments rather than bribing your way through every place you visit, simple because you decided to start a fight with every human soul walking past you at the time.

As ever, there is a lot for you to do in the world, but now we have the addition of fishing. Yes, you heard it right. The fishing is probably a bit controversial as you hunt white whales, humpback whales and many other endangered marine species. You can also play checkers with other pirates. However, playing with them guarantees an unfair game.When they have no move, they simply move the king back and forward, screwing with you and denying you any chance that you could get. If you have any decency when it comes to checkers, stay away from this.

The last few bits is the visuals and sound. Up close and personal, everything can look a bit blurry and uncomfortable to look at, shading can be erratic and too much at points, making it look like characters are grids rather than forms. Yet, when you look at a distance, it is gorgeous. Bright with colour and great with lighting. It makes everything seem real and very lifelike, until you come up close. The colours of the Caribbean ocean are wonderful and really bring back memories of holidays I went on as a kid. Sound is my big problem. I found myself turning the volume up and down on my TV so I could hear with without it knocking down any walls. It was never equalised and made it quite painful when using a headset. The actual music for the game is alright. It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean, as it should for the era and style, but it seems way to similar. Continually having to shut up humming POTC while I mortar people and run the decks, stabbing the army in the face. It’s pretty damn fun. Then we have the voice acting. At points, Kenway does down like Chris Hemsworth, but it’s not! A lot of the voices fit the characters perfectly, apart from Jack Kidd…who always felt like it needed a bit of work.

With everything considered, it has to be one of the most fun Assassins Creed games and the addition of all the extras and the awesome sailing missions, I think the game deserves an 8/10 for it’s change of scenery and it’s involvement from an overly complicated story, to a truly fun pirate adventure.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 4

Eurogamer 2013!

A few weeks ago, we travelled 200 miles to London for the UK’s biggest gaming convention. Down below is a video I mixed together of our trip and what we got up too!

The video is on the brand new Youtube channel which will be inundated with a ton of stuff once I finally manage everything else going on.

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Rush 5For those of you who are debating this movie – racing fan or not, I highly recommend this movie. The story of James Hunt & Niki Lauda’s rivalry is a powerful one. A duo who bite at each other, attack and fight in the worlds most dangerous sport – F1 (Yet they do meet in the original F3 class which ignites this feud), especially until recent decades that have incorporated many safety precautions. In a form which can only be described as a documentary/biopic, this film follows the world of motor sport and the friction is caused between champions. As a true story, you can expect a few things to be exaggerated but overall, I feel they played it well with their individual stories. Nothing was over the top and it was done with respect. For a motor sport movie, the story is one of the best to follow due to the complexity of it. Two similar men with the drive to succeed pushing their boundaries and giving one hell of a show for the public and media alike. Complex figures in a complex sport. As a selection, the story is perfect. It’s exciting, dramatic and poetic wrapped in a raw and passionate love of Formula 1 with bitter tragedy and undeniable respect.

For a sport that moves at 180mph, with cameras that were very basic, you couldn’t capture life in the cockpit of these rockets. Ron Howard has giving us this unique view point through a barrage of stunning shots, angles and cinematography. Race scenes are vivid with light and colour, and with enough shake and blur to position the viewer on the nose cone of the car. A particular favourite of mine was the scenes shot inside of the helmets. The small scene is quick, yet elegant. Filming from the top corner of the visor, it’s giving you a view of the racers eyes as they flick rapidly back and forth with the rush of colour outside. The shot is something the really resonates and conveys the emotion beautifully, even off the race track.Rush 4

Take the time to go to a cinema that is strong in all the categories – A dedication to movies, a screen which is crystal clear and a sound system that thumps you right in the chest. Making this executive decision will increase the enjoyability of this movie. Sound is crucial for this film, a score composed by the one and only Hans Zimmer and a soundtrack laid by 3litre V8 engines. The spark of the engine is so powerful, it smacks you hard but it’s so damn satisfying. Blended with Hans Zimmer’s impeccable score, adrenaline begins pumping and becomes increasingly exciting. Zimmer has the incredible ability to maintain his trademark style but vary each piece perfectly to the desired movie.

Rush 3Casting for a movie of this degree needs to be spot on, fortunately Ron Howard was. Mixing big names like Chris Hemsworth (James Hunt) and Olivia Wilde (Suzy Miller), alongside a few other notable faces and some small actors/actresses is always a difficult thing to do. Getting that balance is crucial when you want them to play their character perfectly. Actors may not have the ability to pull off certain accents from different areas of Britain and those with more experience, far out way the smaller actors. To anyone else, the British accent would probably stand out to them but as a Brit, I notice really bad British accents and I didn’t actually pick up on any accent issues. All of the actors played their roles perfectly and I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda. His performance was brilliant and did raise moments where he showed the tremendous courage Niki had during the vacuuming of his lungs. He showed the brilliant mind, the amazing racer and slowly transitioned into the man with something to lose. Gaining fear but playing it logical. Do be aware though, Olivia Wilde only pops up for 4 or so scenes where she does very little within the plot but the trailer does make it out that she is far more involved.

So the round up the movie, I would say that it is up there with some of this years greatest movies, with possible Oscars and other awards on their way. The movie can be watched by anyone but they have to be literate. It’s educated and doesn’t focus on the mindless action but it does include some fairly disturbing scenes from Niki’s hospital stay and a crash during a race which ripped the head off of a racer. A movie like this needs to be seen by people who can appreciate it for everything that has gone into it and not expect Fast & Furious to break out. For an incredible movie, I’m giving it a 9/10.


Rush 2

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball dominates and the potential removal Blurred Lines!

On the 9th of September, Miley Cyrus’ new single/video was released on youtube. Within 24 hours it has broken Vevo records for the most watched video on release with almost 20 million hits! You may be asking why. The reason – Cyrus is nude on a wrecking ball. I think it’s safe to say that she has broken away from the Disney girl quite vividly with all the grace of a cow in labour.

I’m no Miley fan but I will be the first to admit the song is actually pretty good. It’s catchy and rather powerful but the video doesn’t convey the lyrics strongly enough for me.. If you haven’t heard it, look below. Also, go check out Eminem’s new music video for Bezerk, Macklemore’s new video for White Walls and B.o.B’s new audio video – Ready ft Future.

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NSFW Video

Audio Only

NEW Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

In the last few hours the new Grand Theft Auto trailer was dropped. The long awaited return of the GTA universe has been an extensive one for many fans. Personally, I didn’t even finish GTA4 as it bored me a little, but since Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption which is one of my favourite games. A compelling story and a creative style will be mimicked into this episode of GTA and will bring the game to a whole new level. Released on September 17th, I shall be getting it and will be hitting it hard for a few days. I’m going to leave a question to you guys, Are you guys looking forward to this and would you like gameplay videos?