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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – TRAILER #2


More Star Wars news! This time in relation to the movie.

JJ Abrams has been doing a great job enticing the audience and with his love for Star Wars and incredible talent for film-making, this Star Wars revival could bring a full on resurgence to the new generation of cinema goers. With people making the connections, you can find a definitive breakdown shot by shot on Youtube! This year is looking great for films, people!

Star Trek – Into Darkness REVIEW -SPOILERS-

Star Trek 1Welcome back to Black Ribbon Reviews!

J.J Abrams has done it again, Into darkness is a brilliantly made film and visually beautiful. Star Trek was always controversial with its use of current situations to display through popular culture and really helped to revolutionise the casting for productions of all type and style. Abrams has held the classic integrity and uses Kahn to represent the terrorist threat of Al Qaeda.

In the opening of the movie, we follow a chase scene through a vivid red forest of a sheathed Kirk who is being chased by aliens with white faces in bright yellow clothing. The contrast of colour is amazing and certainly needs to be seen on the big screen to truly appreciate it. Once this introduction scene is over, we are introduced to our bad guy for the evening; Khan. Any Trekkie will know this name from an older Star Trek film “Wrath of Kahn” (Yet I’m no Trekkie and was still aware of this!). Then some explosions happen and Kirk travels into enemy territory to kick some butt, only to find the Kahn is a one man army who is superior to everyone.

Visually this movie is flawless. I can’t help but think of what it would have looked like in 3D. Set designs were extensive and modern. Building were a mix of classic with a splash of modern architecture. The CGI is exactly the same. The Enterprise looked lifelike and when it shot into warp it kept its definition and colour without being stretched and looking ridiculous. The fight scenes were also executed very well. However some of the movements seemed over exaggerated and could have done with a little less super hero effects.

With a collection of the current biggest actors, this film isn’t short of brilliant performances. Chris Pine does a brilliant representation of Kirk, his facial expressions blend and he acts with ease and efficiency. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Kahn is admirable, however I felt his facial expressions are a little over the top and as much as they help convey anger, they make him look like he is sobbing or having a tantrum. Apart from this he plays Kahn well. However, Karl Urban who plays Bones (the doctor dude) is very annoying. I’m not sure if it is the character or him. Bones likes to say “Dammit” a lot and spout some poetry, yet Karl doesn’t help when he doesn’t have the ability to move any facial muscles to make him smile for once. He looks like he has been hit with a spade and is still reeling from the shock. The rest of the cast are very good and all play there parts brilliantly.

The initial story for Into Darkness is very simple. Kahn is killing people, Stop him. Yet deeper into the story we are confronted by another evil using Kahn for his gain and Kirk and Kahn team up to stop this threat. I’m not going to ruin the plot for you but stuff goes down! Expect a few plot twists.

Overall this movie is beautifully shot, written and executed. With fluid fight scenes and witty one liners the story doesn’t lose its charm, but isn’t diminished by the gritty aspect of the story. I recommend seeing it and I agree with IMDB’s rating for it. 8.5/10

Star Trek

Revolution, Episode 1. First Impressions [UK]

Revolution is the new series airing on Sky 1, produced by the one and only J.J. Abrams. For those of you who don’t know what the concept it, I believe it was a large solar flare which caused all electrical products to stop, dead in their tracks. Opening up the show we are given the perspective of the main protagonists at the start of when everything when tits up. Planes drop from the sky, cars cease to run and roll to a halt, computers crash and the lights flicker off. Can you imagine it? All of the power gone?, no internet, no TV, no cars…NOTHING…Revolution

Anyway, as I write this, I’m watching it gradually. Character development and violence has already developed and we are only 30 minutes in. However, everything seems to be moving rather rapidly. We have no chance to understand the background behind the event and how our protagonists have worked together to cultivate their own little village. However we move incredibly quickly to a city (Chicago) without so much as one deep story between the travellers. We see fight scenes that are extremely over the top to the point of ridiculousness and we have characters that are a little boring.

Set pieces are gorgeous and very well refined. CGI helps to blend these and make them far more realistic. It’s easy to see that this sort of thing would develop if all electricity was to disappear. This is true to some extent but when they have a church submerged in water, it gets a little confusing to imagine how that actually happened in the first place. Reviewing the sound is difficult as it varies from TV to TV but there are tiny noises that give the rooms atmosphere and sometimes you have an aggressive buzz that can be quite irritating.

At the end of this episode, we find out who the big bad boss is which is a bit of a downer as it could have really gripped people if they simply dropped small hints to real you in for the next few episodes. Finally to wrap this review up, I feel nothing towards the characters. The female protagonist is extremely annoying, her brother is also a huge pain in the ass. The rest are also much the same, their given roles are fairly poor and most of the acting leaves little to be desired.

All in all, I agree with the 6.5 rating on IMDB as mine is in that sort of area too.

I understand it is a little jumbled but it has been written as I watch it and make judgements throughout!, Don’t forget it is the first of the series, it may get better!