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Absolutely Anything – RELEASE TRAILER!

More trailer news!

This time we have a Monty Python take very reminiscent of Bruce Almighty in the form of Absolutely Anything. With Simon Pegg as lead and co-starring Robin Williams’ final performance as the voice of Dennis the dog. Looking like a very British comedy (obviously) the humour looks to be both crude and stupid with a far more realistic approach to what someone would do with the ability to do anything!

The movie releases August 14th and is the final appearance of the late, great Robin Williams.

New Xbox ConsoleReveal 2013! #XboxReveal

Xbox oneHere it is guys. The New XBOX ONE. Not Druango or 720, just One.

After watching the event, I felt a little underwhelmed. After trouble connecting to the event and the constant stream of traffic which was abusing it like Chris Brown on Rihanna. I couldn’t focus on the whole show and missed some informative sections.

But here is what I am aware of:

  • The console defiantly involves Blu-ray
  • Editing tools for captured gameplay
  • Skype connectivity
  • A load of new engine and graphic work
  • 300,000 servers for Xbox Live

Much like Playstation; Microsoft are holding back the nitty gritty of the Xbox and will give far more indepth knowledge at this years E3 event.

Personally, I look at this console and worry that it has taken a step back. The shell has formed into a brick or desktop computer and the accessories are blending with it. It doesn’t look as sleek and as aggressive that the Xbox Elite or its more recent counterparts.

Will it be compatible with my headset, game recorder and backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 games without restricting saves and additional content. Will Xbox games now be made for One or will they land it both courts?

I guess we will have to wait for E3 and get some real information about “The new generation of gaming”

Bioshock Infinite Launch Trailer!

Seeing it is coming out tomorrow and I will be sat at my door waiting for it, expect it to be quiet until I smash it out.

This is pretty much teasing, I love this and can’t wait to play it. Lets hope it lives up to it predecessors!

Yes it’s linked to my favourites on youtube, help yourself to sift through and see what I could be reviewing in the future!