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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – NEW TRAILER – GET YOURSELF SOME OF THIS!

Its here! For the love of god its finally here!

Comic book movies have been on the rise for many years and the Dark Knight trilogy cemented itself into a market that was predominately dominated by Marvel. With Man of Steel, DC hit the nail on the head and created a truly great Superman movie, even though previous iterations sucked just as bad as Paris Hilton and her musical career. Though this time around, Superman has taken on a persona very reminiscent to that of the Injustice comic/game series.

Failed as a god by the world for his powers, it appears that Gotham’s Dark Knight doesn’t take to much of a shining to the false prophet and comes to bring justice to his ass. Although I couldn’t see a shoutout to Aquaman or Wonder Woman, I honestly cannot wait to see their role in all of this and finally see Aquaman beat out his crappy reputation! Along with rumours of the Flash popping up and a confirmed Cyborg appearance, this looks to be the start of a very exciting path for the universe

Let us know what you think of the trailer down below!