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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy go Telltale Episodic!

After months of waiting, Telltale have finally released a trailer for their upcoming series of the Guardians of the Galaxy which has received a very mixed response.

Watch it here!

It appears that Telltale have stepped away from their iconic art style that’s prevalent in The Walking Dead and Borderlands releases and opted for a style similar to Disney’s Infinity games. As a fan of the developers, I prefer the scratchy and darker hues that Telltale have demonstrated and feel like GotG is going to be commercially driven – similar to the Minecraft series. We see the emulation of the property owners styles to fit into the mainstream expectations of the younger, more mainstream audiences rather than the comic book fans and hardcore fan bases. The characters appear very long and slender with a lot of block based colours and little defining features to portray itself as a Telltale game.

In all honestly, i feel the trailer demonstrates nothing of significant value. The action and comedy factors that underpin that Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t showing through and it feels more of a show reel of that characters we will be seeing through the 5 episode series.

What do you think of the trailers, are you excited or as wary as us? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Deadpool – OFFICIAL RED BAND Trailer


Let’s get right to this. Any decent superhero/comic book fan will know of Deadpool. Above we see parts of the reveal trailers and the leaks all bundled into one hell of a package. From this small short, we can really begin to see how Ryan Reynolds fills the shoes of one of the most beloved characters of the universe. Down below is the trailer for the trailer which tears into Reynolds previous appearance as Wade in some of the best marketing I’ve seen in a very long time.

Now personally, I’m not sure how this movie will fair with the general public who don’t know of the character and I worry that his reach and the violence may not appeal to them. Lets hope the Marvel community goes out in droves for this because we could be looking at a cult classic of the superhero universe!


Absolutely Anything – RELEASE TRAILER!

More trailer news!

This time we have a Monty Python take very reminiscent of Bruce Almighty in the form of Absolutely Anything. With Simon Pegg as lead and co-starring Robin Williams’ final performance as the voice of Dennis the dog. Looking like a very British comedy (obviously) the humour looks to be both crude and stupid with a far more realistic approach to what someone would do with the ability to do anything!

The movie releases August 14th and is the final appearance of the late, great Robin Williams.

Watch Dogs Release Date Revealed

Wondrous news everyone!

Within the last few hours a brand new trailer was released by Ubisoft depicting a release date of May 27th and the plot for the game! Check the trailer down below and leave your opinion in the comment section below!

After it’s hugely disappointing delay, a lot of fans were very miffed about the sudden change of heart and only turning up to Eurogamer with a playthrough of the demo that we couldn’t get a hand on made it all the more worrying. Here’s me hoping for the best from a notoriously good studio with a back catalogue of Assassins Creed games and Far Cry 3!

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball dominates and the potential removal Blurred Lines!

On the 9th of September, Miley Cyrus’ new single/video was released on youtube. Within 24 hours it has broken Vevo records for the most watched video on release with almost 20 million hits! You may be asking why. The reason – Cyrus is nude on a wrecking ball. I think it’s safe to say that she has broken away from the Disney girl quite vividly with all the grace of a cow in labour.

I’m no Miley fan but I will be the first to admit the song is actually pretty good. It’s catchy and rather powerful but the video doesn’t convey the lyrics strongly enough for me.. If you haven’t heard it, look below. Also, go check out Eminem’s new music video for Bezerk, Macklemore’s new video for White Walls and B.o.B’s new audio video – Ready ft Future.

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NSFW Video

Audio Only

Monsters University – Review – SPOILERS – UK RELEASE

Monsters UniversitySorry that I didn’t get this out on release day, but seeing as it only came out Friday, I say its fair that I saw it today!

Here we have a triumphant return from Pixar with the worlds favourite monsters. In a story that prequels Monsters Inc, it looks like an origin story of the great duo. It opens up with a collection of child monsters on a school trip too Monsters Inc., upon enters a tiny Mike, a adorably big eye, a stature that puts him in the light weight boxing division of Barbie & Action Man dolls, alongside vibrant green skin and a cute little smile. At the scare factory, we find out Mike’s inspiration and reason behind his decision to join the Monsters University. From this point on, he focuses on getting there and achieving his dream of becoming a screamer. Not till later do we see a skinnier, leaner version of Sully who is a powerhouse of strength and creature of fear, yet lacks theoretical perspective and uses his fathers fame to further his popularity, therefore, making him the common day rich douche-bag. At the start of good year, both tend to avoid each other and don’t interact much, but as we progress, we see a rivalry and distinguished hatred for each other which lays them in trouble with the university dean and leads to a series of events detailing the pairs friendship growth, alongside a group of shunned students who are pushed to strive for bigger things.Monsters University 2

As a member of the 90’s generation, I was about when Monsters Inc. came out and could truly appreciate it at that age due to its colour, comedy and its ingenious plot that makes it so memorable. Now as an adult, this movie feels like it was made for the generation who lived to see it in the cinema and value it. Now I can appreciate the extensive amounts of work that goes into making Sully’s hair move or every single blade of grass under Mike’s feet. The lines and shapes that make up the campus and so much more. Visually the movie is pristine. Everything is vibrant and punchy that sends your eyes blitzing around the screen soaking in every last orange and pink in the vast scenery. Everything was in focus allowing you time to look.

As with any Pixar movie, once they develop onto it and create a foundation, the stories can become a little predictable at points with a lot of moral dilemmas throughout whenever a plot twist occurs. As predictable as it was, the story was still fun, witty and utilizes it’s potential to Monsters University 5make it far bigger. Character stories were heartfelt, pulling on the heart strings at points and the whole film would keep a smile permanently wedged onto your face, hairs raised on the back of your neck and an attachment that only Pixar could create. The witty creations and variations that they went through to develop each character is phenomenal and the variation shows the dedication to create a real world for the monsters and not some copy and paste fillers.

As an overview, I don’t have much to write about. The movie was a stunning piece of art, a graceful origins story, a heart warming adventure with silly humour fit for all the family. However, before the movie even starts, The Blue Umbrella is a Pixar short to open Monsters University and is impeccable and a stunning short film to open with. I never felt that I could develop an emotional attachment to an object as simple as an umbrella. If this hasn’t shown at your cinema, Google is a thing that can help!

So, as an overall rating, I’m going to go with an 8/10 due to its predictability, but also the skipping of some sub-characters. A must-see movie for the summer!

Monsters University 4

Minecraft 1.6 – Horse Update

MinecrafrToday we had the release for the new update to Minecraft, coined as the Horse Update. Now, only having 30 minutes to play about, I had a look at a few of the things that were done.

Firstly, to get the 1.6 update, you will need to download a new launcher, which looks like a CMD (command) window. This will install the game and is also your launch button. This main screen has to stay up continuously for you too play the game, otherwise it will all disappear. From this point on, you will have two versions of Minecraft – 1.5.2 & 1.6 which you can alternate between when ever you wish.

So, in game there are a few new bits. Obviously we have the introduction of horses, but we do have a few more additions. Too start, we have the changing of clay blocks. These can now be dyed, much like wool, but to help give you a flatter colour without the rough texture of the wool. Secondly, the introduction of carpet! You can finally create patterns on the floor which have a bit of height gain on basic floor blocks, rather Minecraft 1.6 1than using the full sized wool blocks.

The practical blocks that have come out are the Coal blocks and the Hay blocks. Coal will make it easier to stack when you are out mining; helping to maximise your inventory, this can also be connected to the Hay blocks. Coal blocks can also be used as a source of fuel for furnaces and steam driven carts. Now, the introduction of hay blocks can be decorative but also is directly fed to horses to heal and mature the animals.

We also have the introduction of name tags and leads. Name tags allow the user to name certain animals/mobs. For instance, I called my dog Bill. It will hover over their head like names do in multiplayer lobbies. Leads are fairly obvious but also allow you to tie your trusty stead to a fence post. Finally, onto the horses. To tame them, you must right click on them (without a saddle) and keep clicking whenever you are knocked off. Soon you will be able to stay on him for a while and jump off using the shift key. Quickly pop a saddle on the bad boy and run free. Wheat and various other food can help to restore health and finding armour will aid in keeping your stead alive during the night and you can also attach

Armour can be Iron, Diamond & Gold

Armour can be Iron, Diamond & Gold

chests to some to help when you move house or have way to much rubbish in your bag!

All of these are very good additions, but a new starter is a little annoying and quite unsightly compared to its traditional predecessor. Hopefully some patches will come out and either remove the need for it or will spruce it up a little!

Imagine Dragons Night Vision album – QUICKY REVIEW!

Imagine DragonsWe finally have it here in the UK!, it’s only taken a few months…

Since the release of the single “Radioactive”, I’ve been dying to listen to the album. On release, you notice that the tracks aren’t as powerful as “Radioactive”, yet they do still have a punch to them.

Unfortunately the album is 51 minutes long, which is a little shorter than I would like but the general quality of the music is brilliant, especially for a breakthrough album. The album is 13 songs long, which should technically be 14 songs when there is “Che-ching” missing from the US version of the album and “Fallen” from the UK version. This make me a little wary as the album lacks a great song to spread to their new audience but to also expand the length of the album to 55 mins.

Musically the album has the iconic indie style which varies song to song capturing your attention and avoiding the song feeling like they’re dragging on. It’s very calming and really is a nice album to cruise around with in your car…It works for me and my occasional spouts of ‘road rage’. The instruments don’t drown out the lead vocalist, but help to pronounce his lyrics and his distinctively powerful voice.

The lyrics are varied giving diversity to the album, moving from inspirational to stuff you could consider love songs. Every song has the catch chorus that wraps you into the song and gives even more power to each song! Vocally the lead singer has a very obvious style but manages to Imagine Dragons 1adapt to each song independently. With all the power and catchyness of these songs, you can see why they are getting used for adverts here, there and everywhere. I just hope that the songs don’t get overplayed to the point that it can ruin this brilliant album.

Overall, I love the album. It doesn’t blend into one big song, it has brilliant vocal and lyrically capability and has a nice mix of backing music. Occasionally however some song to appear a bit samey and catchy and strong songs are picked by advertisers to sell an item which may ruin some of the songs for me but I think this album deserves all the praise it is getting…8/10…maybe 9/10!

P.S – I also recommend buying the Amazon MP3 version, simply as it costs a lot less!