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Jurassic World – GLOBAL TRAILER

As you’ve probably noticed by the sudden influx of posts hitting the page, we’ve been inundated with trailers for the biggest hits on route.

Today we see the launch of the long expected Jurassic World trailer and finally catch a glimpse of Chris Pratt in his element among the Raptors and a quick flash of our big bad hybrid.

With a 190 million dollar budget, the CGI looks to be worth every cent.

Jurassic World arrives in UK cinemas this June!

Tinie Tempah – Demonstration – REVIEW

Tinie Tempah

No, I don’t get it either…

Tinie Tempah’s new album was released today. Seeing as I loved his first big album, I decided to actually go out and buy this one. First time in many years! With that in mind, I have really high hopes for the album and hope he shines through.

This time around, Tinie isn’t an unknown artist with very little supporting artists. Now he is teaming up with the new T-Pain/Lil Jon – 2 Chainz for his first single and as much as I tend to ignore 2 Chainz, I felt it was very good but still a huge rip off of Hopsin’s – Trampoline from a while back which consists of much the same material… Upon stating that one of his biggest inspirations for the album was Dizzie, you would expect a real grime element brought to the music and it’s safe to say, some of the songs do emulate the bass and aggressive beats really well. Don’t worry yourself, it’s now all smashing beats!

There is a nice variation of styles throughout, you can move from party tunes to a slow, mellow song and then to the catchy chart hits that made Tinie who he is today. Fortunately, he hasn’t forgot his beginnings on the streets of London. The variation of styles can be a bit confusing to listen first time around but they catch on after a full listen of the album. As I write this, I’m listening through for the 4th time and I haven’t got sick of it but already have a few I adore so far. Each featuring artist has brought their flare to the song and the two that Labyrinth in resonate Pass Out which is quite possibly his best and key moment (Hipster moment – I loved it before it went big!).

Back on subject, Tinie’s flow is awesome and doesn’t made it hard to understand at any point. Yet, In Tears Run Dry, he sounds like he is having hairs plucked at the end of every sentence, making a little squeak which just destroys the song and emotion that it’s supposed to portray. With the variations, the lyrics have to switch consistently and thank god, a lot of it is logical, relatable and a little less about money, fame, women and drinking. Witch Doctor is a song that is a little confusing. The chorus and name don’t really reflect that it’s about a women, thus making it a little weird to hear. Typically, the bigger starts throughout talking about who rich they are. Lyrically, Don’t Sell Out, It’s Ok, and Children of the Sun are a few personal favourites and warrant a listen if you’re considering the album anytime soon. PS – If Tinie’s iconic “Yeeaaah” annoys you, expect to hear it a lot.

As a huge fan of Tinie’s and being that I have quite a hipster moment with his music, I felt I should go out and by the physical album. I would highly recommend that you go and get it too. As ever, I have a couple of songs that are weak compared to the rest but the album is really catchy and does show Tinie’s status within the music industry. 8/10 for this album – a few songs didn’t actually catch me and didn’t feel as strong as they could have been, especially when you are singing “A Heart Can Save The World”.

Eurogamer 2013!

A few weeks ago, we travelled 200 miles to London for the UK’s biggest gaming convention. Down below is a video I mixed together of our trip and what we got up too!

The video is on the brand new Youtube channel which will be inundated with a ton of stuff once I finally manage everything else going on.

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Monsters University – Review – SPOILERS – UK RELEASE

Monsters UniversitySorry that I didn’t get this out on release day, but seeing as it only came out Friday, I say its fair that I saw it today!

Here we have a triumphant return from Pixar with the worlds favourite monsters. In a story that prequels Monsters Inc, it looks like an origin story of the great duo. It opens up with a collection of child monsters on a school trip too Monsters Inc., upon enters a tiny Mike, a adorably big eye, a stature that puts him in the light weight boxing division of Barbie & Action Man dolls, alongside vibrant green skin and a cute little smile. At the scare factory, we find out Mike’s inspiration and reason behind his decision to join the Monsters University. From this point on, he focuses on getting there and achieving his dream of becoming a screamer. Not till later do we see a skinnier, leaner version of Sully who is a powerhouse of strength and creature of fear, yet lacks theoretical perspective and uses his fathers fame to further his popularity, therefore, making him the common day rich douche-bag. At the start of good year, both tend to avoid each other and don’t interact much, but as we progress, we see a rivalry and distinguished hatred for each other which lays them in trouble with the university dean and leads to a series of events detailing the pairs friendship growth, alongside a group of shunned students who are pushed to strive for bigger things.Monsters University 2

As a member of the 90’s generation, I was about when Monsters Inc. came out and could truly appreciate it at that age due to its colour, comedy and its ingenious plot that makes it so memorable. Now as an adult, this movie feels like it was made for the generation who lived to see it in the cinema and value it. Now I can appreciate the extensive amounts of work that goes into making Sully’s hair move or every single blade of grass under Mike’s feet. The lines and shapes that make up the campus and so much more. Visually the movie is pristine. Everything is vibrant and punchy that sends your eyes blitzing around the screen soaking in every last orange and pink in the vast scenery. Everything was in focus allowing you time to look.

As with any Pixar movie, once they develop onto it and create a foundation, the stories can become a little predictable at points with a lot of moral dilemmas throughout whenever a plot twist occurs. As predictable as it was, the story was still fun, witty and utilizes it’s potential to Monsters University 5make it far bigger. Character stories were heartfelt, pulling on the heart strings at points and the whole film would keep a smile permanently wedged onto your face, hairs raised on the back of your neck and an attachment that only Pixar could create. The witty creations and variations that they went through to develop each character is phenomenal and the variation shows the dedication to create a real world for the monsters and not some copy and paste fillers.

As an overview, I don’t have much to write about. The movie was a stunning piece of art, a graceful origins story, a heart warming adventure with silly humour fit for all the family. However, before the movie even starts, The Blue Umbrella is a Pixar short to open Monsters University and is impeccable and a stunning short film to open with. I never felt that I could develop an emotional attachment to an object as simple as an umbrella. If this hasn’t shown at your cinema, Google is a thing that can help!

So, as an overall rating, I’m going to go with an 8/10 due to its predictability, but also the skipping of some sub-characters. A must-see movie for the summer!

Monsters University 4

Now You See Me – Quicky Review UK Release -SPOILERS-

Now You See Me2Now You See Me is the story of 4 street magicians who are brought together by an unknown source of power to rob banks like Robin Hood. With a large cast of well known actors, it was safe to say that a lot of money had been spent on the project. Yet it is safe to say that I was disappointed. The US received this movie just over a month before us here in the UK. A movie which I had to avoid all sort of news about it for a month and its safe to say that I was a little peeved on the exit.

The actual story is incredibly simple, with a few plot twists which aim too catch you out but are very easy to see through. I have to admit that there was one incident which I felt too be a good twist, but it doesn’t wow you. This is what I felt for the majority of the story, nothing got my blood pumping, nothing engaged me with the plot and the predictability of it made it tedious to watch.

As you may already know from my “This Is The End Review“, I do not like James Franco and I harbour much of the same dislikes for him as Dave making his character a spare wheel. As the story rolls on, he disappears for aNow You See Me4 portion of it and can be easily ignored with his predictable exit. I do have to give him credit for his fight scene between him and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/The Hulk). His acting was fluid and fight scenes were done with precision and an element of style involved. Speaking of The Hulk, it turns out that he is our main character. We follow the action from his point and the process he goes through to investigate the bank robberies and the workings of the 4 Horseman’s magic. When looking back at Mark’s performance, its obvious that it isn’t his best work. For someone who played the Hulk, you would assume that he could show true anger or despair, yet his face can appear somewhat still throughout.

The actors I did get along with were, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and of course Mr Freeman! Harrelson was the most interesting of the characters. A man with the ability to hypnotise the public and get them to do as he chooses. His talent is quite interesting but its his humour that sets him apart from the rest, while Eisenberg is the brains of the group, he is the focal point in the group and seems like the leader of the four. So, with a huge cast, a few good scenes and general entertainment, I feel the movie deserves a 7/10. It’s lack of grip and the generic story can bore some and the way the story was wrapped up was very cheesy. I would have liked a lot more darkness to it with a bit more aggression to build the excitement.

Now You See Me 1

Luther – Season 3 – BBC UK – Episode 1 – SPOILERS-

An explosive opening to an explosive series. Luther has to be oneLuther 3 of my favourite shows and characters that I have seen on the my television for many, many years. Idris Elba portrays the deeply troubled an dark detective with such ease and grace that it feels real.

I won’t ruin this for anyone, but BBC Iplayer is easily accessible and I only have a few key points to pick out!

So, we open at what appears to be the end of the series. The blues are blazing and a fire rages behind a steel garage door, it beings to creep up as fire licks at the back wall and we see Luther, his partner and what I can only assume to be the killer. Suddenly a bang, and fire roars out of the building as
Idris walks out without a care in the world.

From now, it appears that detective Ripley (Luther’s partner) has now joined forces with a few rogue officers who have it out for the way Luther takes justice into his own hands and his rational choice which is legally wrong by morally right. We also have the introduction of a new love interest and a killer who looks to be our main protagonist for the whole series.

Whether this series will turn out like season two’s miniseries or a full length series. However, this episode has shown that they have retained the gritty lighting, the rough landscapes and the heart pumping tension which is raised in an amazing style. No music, just the breathing, creeks of the floor, a flick of a switch and it suddenly ruptures into violence. The techniques here will be great for the big screen, and as some of you may know, there is talk about a movie after this series.

The sudden return of a British great, which seals the UK’s reputation for gritty street dramas and brilliant television. If you missed it, be sure too jump onto BBC Iplayer and get watching!

Luther 2

This is The End – Quicky Review -SPOILERS-

This is the endHere we are at the UK release of This Is The End has finally come.

This review here is going to have too be a quicky review for a few reasons.

1 – I didn’t find it funny

2 – I don’t like James Franco

3 – You can only write so much on a “Comedy”

So, This is the End is the tale of the world ending and a group of actors are fighting to survive in Franco’s new mansion. It’s premise is extremely simple and the focus is on the friendship between Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen. Except of world domination, it becomes American domination and the only way to survive the world ending apocalypse is to do all the drugs possible.

For a 15, this movie is unbelievably bad. With a general audience which looked to be 13, jokes which were penis related (Which had no style) and then the constant barrage of swearing and sexual references didn’t fit their target audience and was just an excuse for them to shout at each other. There was also a certain This is the end 1scene which c**t was used, So blatantly that it crossed the line for me. I can deal with swearing and sex jokes but they have to be done in style rather than a general attack. You will also notice something that niggles at you all the way through. Its never attacked, abused or joked about like everything else. It is Heaven and the Bible. A comedy about world destruction turns into a movie that preaches Christianity, America and how drugs are good.

Now, you would think that with such a huge cast, we would have some brilliant actors. Yet we have very little acting. The swearing and screaming doesn’t constitute acting and appears to make the movie a piss about project for all of them. However, all the way through, I did feel that they were all horrible people and if that’s what they were trying to portray, then they did it right.

The actors I did enjoy were Channing Tatum for his small cameo and Craig Robinson throughout. Craig seemed to be the most genuine of the bunch and had the funny moments that made you laugh rather than just a smile.

This is the end 2Visually, a movie with a huge budget for actors, should have a decent sized budget for all of the demons and various other evil dwellers. Yet everything seem blurry or pixilated with little time spent on them. The only good bit of VFX was Satan’s representation at the end. As much as it was phallic, it was clear and looked quite genuine.

Overall, I didn’t really like the movie, so it is getting 4/10. It was loud and obnoxious without any good jokes to make me laugh. I can understand jokes that the Ted movie uses, as it is all so silly, done with style and all around abusive to everyone, but when you compare it too this, you see that it is incredibly mediocre and dick jokes can only go so far. One of the reasons that I could stand it was the music used throughout. It was varied and even had a Backstreet Boys cameo at the end that was funny. Alongside some good cinematography, it deserves my ranking, but I find it hard to understand many of the critics that are praising it as the comedy of the year.

Hummingbird / Redemption – Review -SPOILERS-

Hummingbird 1Redemption, also known as Hummingbird in the US and Crazy Joe in France, is the tale of a man on the run from military courts, who comes across a new opportunity to rebuild his life.

Hummingbird is a gritty, dark and well formed movie. Upon entering the theatre, it was very quiet with very little people in. This got me a little cautious of the advertisings reflection upon the movie – Has the trailer been so bad that no one wants to see if?, Why is there only one showing of this movie on its release day? All of that lark, but if you have had these sorts of thoughts, I highly recommend you go see it!

We open in Afganistan; viewing the area from a UAV air drones camera. Chaos on the ground, screen static and tensions rising between each comm message. Music builds gradually, then suddenly we hear the popping of a rifle, screams from the locals and the identification process. A sudden snap to black and a snappy return of visual movement, we are no in London. Radio chatter still continues as we scour London’s city scape. We’ve seen this sort of style before, a mix of shots from around the world, perhaps a few news stories too but this felt different. One, we end up in the UK. Two, there was a tugging feeling which caught your curiosity.

Then, dropped into a backstreet alley where some local thugs are kicking the homeless’ box shelters and threatening them for rent. A brawl breaks out with a seamlessly invisible man (who we all know to be Statham) who is beaten to the ground and runs for the roofs for safety and drops into an empty Hummingbird 2apartment. Now he uses this opportunity to reinvent himself. Involving himself with the Yakuza and a new love interest, Crazy Joe is forced to earn a living, fight PTSD and get the devout Christians love.
The development of the story falls into place quite easily but the twist on the generic disgraced soldier is what helps the story distinguish itself from the rest. A military man, killing militants with brutal means, runs from his military tribunal and ends on the streets for many years. Too come across a new start but tie loose ends before leaving is very different from the norm, especially with the ending which turns out to be a vital part in the plot.

In forms of cinematography, the movie was beautiful. With the perfect amount of lighting there was enough to compliment the gritty story with a variety of neon colours from rough clubs and the dark end of town. Angles and smooth camera movements that flow effortlessly with the focal points were unnoticeable, but also kept the focus on the mark. The framing was much the same. All of this mixed together turned a dingy alley into something far more menacing. Following this, you have the visuals. Special effects were good, apart from one incident at the end which was poorly edited and didn’t look right on the background.

HummingbirdThe characters and acting were good but some were a little too much. The main villain looked to be straight out of a Bond movie and his short time on screen didn’t really fill you with hatred for the character. Stathams performance was probably one of his best, not award winning but fairly believable and his fight scenes are executed in style and grace without being over the top *Cough* Transporter *Cough*. The rest of the cast were alright and didn’t push anything to far in your face with the short amount of time they had on screen.

It’s now 1:30AM and I think I should go to bed, so to end it, I shall call this movie a 7.5/10. It’s story is a generic revenge thriller but with little depth to everything else that happens during Crazy Joe’s reign and little exploratory investigations into the workings of his mind or the main villain. Plus, his almost instant rise into the Chinese Yakuza.

A must see for all Statham fans and a must see for pretty much everyone else whose up for a bit of action with gritty details.

Hannibal TV Show Episode 1 S1 – Quicky review!

With a varied cast and a few big stars. Most notably, Mads Mikkelsen with his portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the scariest, darkest and most thrilling character I have seen for quite some time.

Yet, let’s start with our main protagonist. Will Graham, the psychoanalyst with a mind so complex, with dark twists and an explosive imagination. Will is called in by Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) to help with some cases. Eventually we come across Hannibal who is also a psychoanalyst and psychologist. His role is to analyse Will and see if he is fit to do the job efficiently and see if he is compromised. Other than this, he tries to befriend him.

The acting throughout was brilliant. With well written lines and the actors ability to show the emotion perfectly, it almost becomes real. Mixed with the dark tints that cover the screen, the sharp cuts and extensive use of shots, scenes become gritty and fill you with tension. After finding that Hannibal is eating body parts, we see him cook it and then serve it to an unsuspecting Will Graham as breakfast. The moment made me wince and swallow the vomit that was slowly trying to work its way out of me.

I strongly recommend this to everyone who reads this. It’s a little gruesome, but its a work of art and is probably one of the best shows I have seen in a while. 8.5/10!